3 Things to Remember When Planning Your South American Adventure

Spending time in another country is a life-affirming experience that everyone should have the pleasure of. That said, travelling abroad can be complicated for the unprepared. If you have your heart set on a voyage through the wilderness of South America, there are risks to your safety that you must bear in mind before setting off.

Below are three things you should remember if you are planning a trip to this continent, especially if you are travelling solo.

Brush up on your Spanish/Portuguese

The joy of South America is that most people speak the same language, or at least a similar one, making it far simpler to communicate. Understanding instructions, asking for help and introducing yourself politely will be crucial if you are to enjoy a prosperous journey.

There are great Spanish courses available across the continent, particularly in Buenos Aires, Cuzco, Quito and Sucre. You could also arrange to live with a host family or in a hostel to hone your skills. Conversing with locals is the best way to pick up the language and learn colloquialisms. Socialising is always the best way to make friends and your new companions may be able to make recommendations for the rest of your trip.

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In Brazil, Portuguese is spoken, but this is broadly similar to Spanish and a good grasp of the language will still be useful when making yourself understood.

Pack with your destination(s) in mind

This is important. South America is a huge continent with several different climates and unless you fancy buying a new outfit in every town, there are some essential items you can’t do without. Sturdy boots, wide-brimmed hats and raincoats are a must, as the weather can change in an instant, whether you are exploring Patagonia or the Amazon, hiking in the Andes or going to a festival. Locally made garments like ponchos are ideal if you can find one. And don’t forget to bring sunglasses and bug repellent!

Some countries use different power adaptors to others, so a universal adaptor is the best way to go. These can be purchased in local markets if you forget to bring one. You don’t want your phone to run out of charge if you are travelling alone.

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Optimise your time

To avoid disappointment, thorough itinerary planning is essential. South America is far too large to visit in a single week and it is likely that you will miss out on outstanding destinations if you try to cram too much in. Prioritise sites like Angel Falls in Venezuela and Machu Picchu in Peru by allowing more time for these trips, while excursions into mega-cities like Rio de Janeiro will also take longer. Make sure you visit the places that mean the most to you as soon as possible, weather permitting.

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South America does have another side; a criminal underworld, a reprehensible drugs trade and in places, serious poverty. Your trip is unlikely to take you anywhere dangerous, particularly if you travel with a guide, take insurance and watch your step. Enjoy everything that South America has to offer and see as much as you can.

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