Types Of People Spotted At Every Travel Holiday


Everyone is a traveller at heart. Everyone wants to escape the mundane and go somewhere calm, beautiful, or just exotic. But you can’t be guaranteed of having a serene holiday a 100% due to the people who swarm the streets, the restaurants, the museums. They are the know it alls, the selfie addicts, the talkatives.

Here is a list of 7 different types of people every traveller will encounter on their vacation!

1. The Loud One

The talker is usually the one who speaks loudly everywhere, announcing their love and excitement for something or the other. You can hear them till the end of the corridor, learning all about their hobbies and habits (basically every miniscule thought that goes through their head) instead of being able to enjoy your own tour and company.

2. The Foodie

His true love? The plate full of food in front of him, regardless if it’s his or not. Have you seen these people who only visit places to be able to eat the food? This person is only interested in what food is served at places and keeps haranguing his co travelers to go check out the sushi bar in the corner, or the food court in the amusement park, or every possible falafel stand that there is. Even after that, this person will act like he is interested in looking around but finds himself still fascinating about what he ate or what he will eat for dinner. Sounds familiar to you people?

3. The Bookworm

Reading is a great habit, but you will always find that one bookworm who prefers reading over anything else that they have an option of doing! At social gatherings, during day trips, historic visits or even during a walk in the garden, this person will choose a corner and start reading for the rest of the tour!

4. Nomophobics (we didn’t make this up)

This is the person who is always checking their phone at any given situation whatsoever. They will make minimal conversation with other people around, either texting or taking pictures (yes their camera roll is basically pictures of themselves in the same pout with a different monument in the background). It is futile to even try and ask them to leave their phone because they believe being best friends with a box that has a keypad is certainly more fun!

5. The Know-It-Alls

They will hoard the compass, the map, and the tourist books. They will give ambiguous, arbitrary facts about each sight you may so come across. They will try to navigate even though they are probably holding the compass upside down. But when you are in an actual pickle, they’ll also panic the earliest. These are the know-it-alls, the ones who need to talk regardless of how much sense they are making. Don’t really listen to them at all, unless you want to be lost, be hungry, and have a basket full of wrong facts!

6. The Kill Joy
Do you know people who always behave like they’re bored and disinterested in everything they do? They are severely underwhelmed, they are spaced out, and they try to really get the energy down of everyone around them. You’ll see them criticizing the Eiffel Tower and comparing it to their own apartment. Good luck if you spot these fellas.

7. The sleaze ball
This person is always checking other people out to pass their time. They will carefully notice what people wear, eat and even what they talk to other people about. They will often end up ears dropping into conversations and then mention them to you later. They also end up missing out on so many new and exciting things that are a part of the travel holiday or vacation and ask questions later which can get very annoying.

8. The Confused

You know that person who is always hassled about losing or forgetting their stuff? They will make their way through every situation with a glum approach because there is always something else that is occupying their minds. They forget hotel keys inside their rooms for forget their passport at airports or lose their own mind fining all these things! Bonus points: If they are also super clumsy!


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