4 Better Ways to Co-Sleep with Your Toddler

Co-sleeping is a new term that refers to the age-old practice of allowing your baby or toddler to sleep in the bed with you. There have been family beds for centuries, but this practice has just now become a controversial debate among parents. With that said, if you choose to co-sleep after your baby has become a toddler, there are a few ways to ensure a better, good sleeping experience for all.

Get Used to Comfortable Sheets and a Steadfast Thermostat

Toddlers are hot-heads by nature. Their body temperatures are usually a few degrees higher than adults, so they need fewer blankets to keep them warm through the night. So, to combat their body heat and keep everyone comfortable, you should invest in a good pair of comfortable, semi-thick sheets to sleep under and on top of. You should also set your thermostat to a steadfast temperature, such as 69 or 70, that naturally keeps your body warm enough and slightly cooled for an awesome snooze.

Invest in an Attachable Side Sleeper for Your Bed

If sleeping in the same bed with your toddler makes you nervous, there are side cribs that attach to your bed. The side that attaches is open, so you can catch on your babe throughout the night. It gives you room to move around, while ensuring your cutie stays safe on their side throughout their sleep cycles.

Upgrade the Size of Your Bed

Toddlers are like little starfish, always searching for the most comfortable position. Ergo, you probably need a bigger mattress to accommodate your stretchy kiddo. Upgrade your bed to the next size to give you and your cutie room to work with. You can both stretch out without disturbing the other. Comfort is also a big deal for both you and baby, outfit-wise. You can still wear your favorite mickey mantle t-shirts and pajama bottoms, but make sure there’s nothing your toddler can get too wrapped up in.

Kick the Pets to Their Own Designated Sleep Zones

Sometimes the bed seems crowded because your pups and kitties sleep at your feet. However, an investment into a pet bed could be a great thing. If space becomes an issue, set your pets up with comfortable sleep zones of their own in the floor next to your bed.

Co-sleeping can be a rewarding experience for both you and your toddler. It gives you a chance to cuddle up, be close, and maintain that bond while you’re sleeping. However, it’s not for everyone. If you find that you’re still uncomfortable or anxious after these co-sleeping tips, perhaps a toddler bed would be your best bet to a good night’s rest.

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