4 DIY Fixes for a Stranded Car

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A vehicle has become more of a necessity than a luxury. Due to the never-ending woes of public transport, many people prefer buying a car to cater to their transportation needs. Purchasing a car provides the benefit of liberty instead of having to rely on public transport. Moreover, a car offers status to the owner.

With the increasing importance that cars have in daily lives, it becomes a nerve-wracking experience if your car gets stranded during your journey. Such a situation brings your day’s routine to a standstill. Though you may rely on roadside assistance, there may be times where help may be delayed. In such situations, it is important to know some Do It Yourself (DIY) tricks to resolve basic issues.

You may try the following four DIY fixes for your stranded car.

  1. Check the battery

If your car was running well and is suddenly giving issues, there may be a chance of poor connection of the battery. In order to inspect such an issue, you may open the hood and examine if the battery is securely mounted in its place. Also, check if the cable clamps are well connected to the battery. In case of a loose connection, ensure to tighten the clamps. If there are signs of corrosion near the battery terminals, you may clean out the corrosion and then switch on the ignition of your car.

  1. Fix a flat tire

A rogue nail on the road is enough reason to give you a flat tire. Having the necessary tools is imperative in order to fix or change a flat tire. The first step in fixing a flat tire is finding the source of the leak. You may look out for any cuts, holes, or any sharp objects that may have pierced in, or may even check for a hissing sound. Once you have found the source, you may pull out the object that has caused the tire to puncture. You may then fix the leak with tire puncture sealants.

  1. Use a duct tape

Carrying a duct tape at all times can solvenumerous issues. You may use it to reattach a broken rear view or side view mirror. Besides, you may also use it to fix a crack in a windshield or to tape the hood or trunk shut until you get professional help. There may be instances when your car begins to overheat due to a cracked radiator hose. In such a situation, you may use a duct tape to wrap the hose once the engine cools. Though this is not a permanent solution, you may use this DIY trick until help arrives.

  1. Opt for roadside assistance

Breakdownsoccur even after adequate maintenance. In such situations, it is recommended to seek help. It is your responsibility to know what services your car insurance policy offers. Many insurance providers offer car towing and breakdown services. If your car is immobilized due to a mechanical failure or an accident, roadside assistance offers to tow the vehicle to the nearest garage. In cases of a flat tire, a car mechanic is sent to your location to fix or replace the tire. Road assistance service also provides the arrangement of a spare key, breakdown assistance over a mobile application, arrangement of an alternate mode of transport, provision of fuel, and arrangement of accommodation, besides others. It is, therefore, advisable to avail of a motor insurance policy offering roadside assistance as an add-on to get help during a breakdown.

No one wishes for a breakdown to occur. However, it is necessary to be prepared at all times. You may try to identify the issue and fix the problem by yourself. You may go through the owner’s manual to get a clearer picture on some DIY fixes. Better still, you may opt for an insurance plan with roadside assistance. Though this add on comes at an additional cost, the benefits offset the extra premium. You may, therefore, opt for one and enjoy the numerous benefits it has to offer.

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