Avoid these mistakes while choosing your web hosting service

Web Hosting Mistake You Need to Avoid - Eltris

Understanding how web hosting portals works can be a little confusing even though you’ve known the business for quite some time. Even if they sound simple to the ears, we all know that they aren’t! A quick google search on the best hosting service will only leave you in jeopardy – unable to decide on which service to select over the other.

And another aspect is that – thanks to SEO, you really cannot truly know the quality of one service provider because of their strong marketing strategies. So, you need to be wary about not trusting entirely on the advertisements. Research a little before diving on and choosing the service that you might regret later.

Protip: Start with simple steps like asking your peers. Or search contacts of professionals online to seek their advice. is one professional website that comes with a chrome extension to LinkedIn and Gmail account. It helps you to find an email address – either individual or in bulk with ease.

Nothing comes for free

Haven’t we all faced this monster of a client who either wants all the service for free in return for some great “exposure” or tries to squeeze as much as possible from their limited budget. How do you deal with such clients in general? Of course, you either cut them loose or won’t offer them the service they deserve.

Now, not every free web hosting site is the same but, you might have to compromise on multiple aspects to keep your website running. Your speed and quality of the website might take a hit. Since it’s a free version, nobody is under any obligation to keep the standards high. So, you might face some troubles in the long run even if the start is just fine.

Additional charges

For every additional feature you wish to have added to your web hosting will attract additional charge. Instead of worrying that you’ve been scammed with hidden charges, get in touch with the webhosting service and communicate to know all the charges and costs. The more you are aware of every aspect, the easier it becomes for you to choose the best provider for you!

Remember that, switching between different web hosting is much more troublesome than choosing the apt one in the beginning. Spend some time understanding the nuances of its infrastructure. Different platforms offer different solutions for your requirements. Basic questions you need to ask them is whether they offer backups automatically? Do they provide you with regular reports of your website’s traffic and other statistics? How can you use plug-ins and if they charge extra to save specific types of files? When you know your restrictions, you can then easily choose the one that suits your business best.

Everything has a price

Whether you wish to use a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or a shared web hosting, everything comes with some cost that you need to bear. Set a budget when deciding on a web hosting service and do not hesitate to allocate a good chunk. A good network provider will offer a money back guarantee too. Because maintaining a cordial relationship with the clients is much more important than making a quick buck.

Always look for the quality service rather than for the price. It is not true that every lesser price plan is of a bad quality. It differs from company to plan. Research thoroughly before zeroing on one of the plans. Best suggestion is to get advice from the peers of your industry. Since they have some idea about what you should be looking after – they will guide you better with the right service and plans.

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