The A, B and C of building choices

The time has come for you to build a house. You’ve had the discussions, you’ve saved the money, you’ve applied for what you need to , you’ve told you family, you’ve notified your neighbours, the people who had heard you were going to do so now know this for a fact – and it’s time to get it done. Three relatively straightforward steps might make things a lot smoother.

Always keep your eye on the big picture

You are going to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the situation at some stage. If it does not catch you at the start, it will get you in the middle or toward the end of the process, when you least or most expect it. If the building inspections Adelaide have on offer are anything to go by, you will see that the process of it all does not have to be as complicated as some other people might make it out to be. The importance is to keep yourself and those involved in it cool, calm and collected. The idea is not to get flustered, which in turn might unhinge others. That’s what you do not want – as it will delay all proceedings, and potentially prolong the completion date or deadline by several days, weeks or – in a very worst case scenario – months.

Be ready for proverbial curve balls

Plans are not always going to go according to plan. In fact, they might never go according to plan. An that’s okay, if you are prepared to take the proverbial bull by the horns and muscle it through the channels and passages that you want to see happen. From negotiation to compromise and fixed expectations to the manipulation of anticipation, there is plenty to put into play – and balance out – for the bigger picture to happen. If you are ready for this, if you are prepared for this, if you are truly and genuinely eager and keen to see it through to fruition, then you will be okay, regardless of how it all pans out.

Come clean with yourself and others

You don’t have to be overly proud. You can admit that mistakes have and will happen, whether they are caused by yourself or others. When these are on the table, and all and sundry know where each other stand, then can a fine an fluid picture begin to take shape. Trust that the builders will eventually, through the intervention of yourself and their own realisation, come to a conclusion that one direction has to be followed, if not the one that was originally planned for. If there is a project manager or manageress involved in the building application and process, it could make things smoother, or it might not. The same will apply for a scenario where there is more than one chief builder on site. They might clash heads here and there, but they will eventually enjoy collective agreement, and be able to put their individual strengths into play, with their individual weaknesses put aside for your dream home.

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