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Data loss has been originated as a common problem of today. Due to hectic work schedule this problem is increasing. The solution to this leading problem has been generated in the form of data recovery software available in the market. EaseUS is the popular as recovery softwarewhich is present today. It has made its root deeper in this field by providing the simple procedure to use it. The simplistic features have popularized it a lot. The individual has to just download it and open it the rest of the function is performed by it easily. It is user interface with the effective tools present in it due to which files are found in short duration only.

The file recovery software which is available helps the individual to recover their lost files, data due to various reasons. The most prominent are OS crash, hard disk failure, viruses like malware/ransomware, sudden deletion, corrupt files. The software can recovery data like files, emails, photos, audio etc. from anywhere like memory card, camera, mobile device, hard drive etc.

Packages available under it

Various packages are available under it due to which the individuals have the choice of choosing from these packages. These packages are namely:

  • Pro
  • Pro+Win
  • Technical
  • Free

The most popular version is the free one. This can be downloaded by the individual from the official site and can be used easily. Although only 2 GB of the data is recoverable through it so individuals go for it. Big companies like to go for the other premium paid versions which allow them to recover huge amount of the data for the limited time according to the validity.Pro and Pro+Win is the single user licensed. The paid versions are more technical one so individuals do not prefer them. The simple working is available under the free version which gives the favorable working condition for the individuals.

Scan modes available

The file is recovered from the piles of the files which were left behind. The search is done in all the files individually. There is the residue left behind which is piled up to recover the lost file by this software. This whole process is done through the scanning modes available. Two scanning modes are there through which research is done:

Quick mode

Quick mode is the 1st one which takes place. It finds the file quickly if available. This mode detects the file with their original names and retrieves it. This whole process is done in few a minute only due to which is very user friendly. In most of the cases this is applied and the result is taken out. If the file cannot be find in this scanning the next procedure is deep scanning.

Deep scan mode(advanced recovery mode)

 It is the advanced recover option available. The scanning is done here sector by sector to find out the required file of the individual. More time is taken here and there is surety that file will be recovered here.

At the end the result is there on the screen which the individual has top preview and then recover it.

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