Centre’s Draft National Education Policy (NEP) would disadvantage students in rural areas: Tamil actor Suriya Sivakumar

Tamil actor Suriya Sivakumar has slammed the Centre’s Draft National Education Policy (NEP), saying some of the provisions in it would disadvantage students in rural areas.

Key focus only on entrance exams: Suriya Sivakumar

The actor also pointed out that the policy’s key focus was on entrance examinations instead of providing equitable and quality education.

National Education Policy

“Everyone is angered, anguished and scared about focus of NEP being only on conducting entrance exams and not in providing quality and equitable education for students,” he said at an event here on Saturday.

Questioning the haste shown in implementation of the policy, the 43-year-old actor said, “It is going to affect 30 crore students of the country.”

Provisions to affect rural areas

He claimed that some provisions of the draft would “severely affect” students living in rural areas.

Three-language policy to discourage students

On the three-language policy, Suriya further said it would discourage students from going to schools.
“How will they attend classes? I myself find it challenging to teach third language to my kids.” he said.


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