Chandigarh govt schools register over 6% rise in pass figures

Chandigarh Govt schools

With 982 students failing the Class-12 board exams and 1,790 out of a total 10,742 getting compartments this year, city government schools were still able to witness a rise of 6.41% in the pass percentage compared to last year.

Going by the individual results compiled by the district education office (DEO), out of 39 Government Model Senior Secondary Schools, 29 performed better than last year, which helped the overall result to improve from 68.31% pass percentage in 2016 to 74.72% in 2017.

Also, only 341 of them had managed to score above 90%.

Class-10 govt schools’ data

Similarly, there was an increase of 0.4% in the pass percentage of government schools’ Class-10 results from last year. From 94.77% in 2016, it was 95.17% this year. As many as 11,022 students appeared and 10,490 of them passed while 532 failed this year.

However, if we compare the results of 2013-14 with 2016-17, the pass percentage has gone down from 99.14%, although the students securing CGPA 10 have increased from 20 to 100.

Of 89 government schools, 28 of them had students with CGPA 10 and out of these 28 schools, Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 16 (GMSSS-16) was the only school to have 20 students with CGPA 10, followed by GMSSS-37 with 16 students and GMSSS-35 with 115 students.

This year 43 government schools out of 89 showed 100% pass results.



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