CMMS: What it is and why you need it

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Now, if you already know what CMMS is, what your applications are and the benefits that can be achieved, but you are still in doubt about the best technology solution for your company, you need reading this post.

CMMS: What it is and why you need it

Operational obstacles may prevent the good performance of companies in maintaining their assets. Sometimes corporate strategy and operational reality are out of alignment, and what the corporation plans to do often is not what really happens. And while organizations have a myriad of information about their assets, some may still have a surprising lack of knowledge in this area.

Either way, machines and equipment need to be routinely maintained to continue to function properly and meet business needs. And the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or maintenance software is there to help keep track of asset maintenance trends and address industry challenges.

CMMS technology is able to fit all processes within the industry resulting in better operations, planning, control and performance. CMMS is software used to schedule and record operations and preventive maintenance activities associated with installation equipment.

In other words

CMMS has the ability to prioritize service orders and schedules to perform periodic or planned maintenance of the equipment. It’s the main purpose of a CMMS system. Upon completion of a work order, for example, information such as the date the job was run and the hours spent, are loaded into the database for tracking. Thus, it is possible to have a better detailing and planning of the daily operations.

But maintenance software goes far beyond equipment operations.

The system also provides reports used to manage the organization’s resources to evaluate the effectiveness of current operations and thus make organizational decisions.

In today’s asset maintenance world, CMMS is an essential tool for recording work requirements and tracking processes. In this way, you can analyze the data to better manage the service, produce reports and better control costs.

Check out how CMMS provides better asset maintenance planning:

– Integrating the maintenance area with other areas of the company

By integrating maintenance and purchasing, CMMS makes it easier to organize parts inventory. With Human Resources (HR), integration helps in the allocation of area employees according to their work schedule and possible absences, for example.

– Using visuals

With options such as graphic plant, it is possible to visualize all equipment and maintenance orders pending or progress for each of them, in a practical and visual, from the plant of the company. From the application of the concept of logical tree, every machine can be managed from its location in the building.

– Being available for mobile devices

Mobility is also a reality in asset maintenance. Smartphones or tablets accelerate the receipt of service requests, which can be registered from anywhere.

– Automating asset maintenance planning

With historical data on machines and equipment, maintenance schedules and problem identification questionnaire, for example, planning maintenance is much easier. That way, you anticipate and reduce corrective maintenance, for example. It’s better if the planning is combined with mttr mtbf to keep disruptions.

– Speeding up the opening, control and closing of work orders

With the opening of work orders via mobile device, as well as the use of this resource by area professionals register activities, allows traceability and real vision of work activities in the team. In this way, the scheduling and distribution of the maintenance load is facilitated and the allocation of the workforce is better targeted.

– Helping to manage asset life cycle

By registering and controlling everything that happens with the asset, it is easier to plan your preventive maintenance, lubrication, reform or replacement. That way, you already know the expenses that are essential to maintaining the operational integrity of the assets and avoid future maintenance build-up.

Maintenance software is designed to provide users with an immediate view of the state of their needs with accurate reporting. CMMS solutions make maintenance management easier by empowering managers with information so they can make the most informed decisions possible.

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