Dengue cases double, posh localities hit hard

All major cities in Gujarat see similar rise in one week.
All major cities in Gujarat see similar rise in one week.
The sting of the dengue carrier mosquito, Aedes aegypti, is getting sharper and deadlier, and more of its victims are dwellers of posh neighbourhoods than those living in slums.General physicians and intensive care specialists have now warned that if dengue “fever with chill” is not reported in the first two days, then the complications arise often causing renal and even liver failure. The most prevalent viral strain of dengue is DenV-3, which is already rising in worrying proportions in Delhi. In Ahmedabad alone, since January this year, 482 cases of dengue have been reported.

In last one week, the numbers of reported dengue cases have literally doubled across all major Gujarat cities.

The state health department has already issued alarm for Surat, Ahmedabad and Vadodara.

Between August 22 and August 29, the state saw lab-confirmed dengue cases rise from 191 to 251, with most reported from Surat and Ahmedabad, where the highest number of blood slides were tested.

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) officials claim the reason for the sudden proliferation of dengue-carrying mosquitoes can be attributed to stagnant water in gardens, terraces of bungalows, bird feeders, and rainwater in unattended scrap.Mosquitoes also inhabit unattended corners of plush interiors and furniture. Children and elderly, the two most vulnerable groups have to pay for their neglected surroundings.

While 30 cases of dengue were reported from Surat, in Ahmedabad, the number of patients for the same period was 75. Vadodara and Rajkot registered 15 dengue cases each in the same week.

“The majority of dengue patients are from upper middle class families,” said Dr Manoj Vithlani, a city-based medical practitioner.

“The dengue mosquito largely resides in clean neighbourhoods and in clean water rather than in slums,” said Dr Vithalani, adding, “I appeal to all to ensure enough hydration for patients.”

Intensive care specialist, Dr Yogesh Vaghela, said, “We are now seeing that if fever with chill is neglected for three days, then dengue cases get severe leading to renal and even liver failure. A number of patients who came to me are students from green campuses in Gandhinagar and in Ahmedabad,” said Vaghela.


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