Different types of therapies that you can get at a drug rehab center.

A Guide to Different Types of Rehabilitation Therapy | INTEGRIS Health

When you are finally at the end stages of accepting the fact that your drug addiction is at its end and all you have to do now is to opt for a drug rehab facility. Then you are set on the right path of curing your addiction problem. There are many treatment options for drug addiction which you can see at a rehab center or any medical health professional can tell you that as to what it would be. There are many things that come along with the treatment options, these things are therapies and support circles. Therapy is considered the backbone of the drug addiction treatments and without it the peace of mind a person who is suffering from drug addiction needs can become something very tough for them if it is not there.

Therapies that are used in the treatment programs are there for providing a better way of increasing the health of the individual and reducing the patterns by which they go towards relapse. There are many options when it comes to therapies, and addiction counselors can decide which therapy will benefit the drug addict the most. Get in touch with an addiction counselor at a drug rehab Alabama center, then you will be able to understand what therapy would be right for you. But before that, you need to learn what different types of therapies are there in the first place.

Different types of therapies.

Biofeedback therapy.

Biofeedback therapy works without drugs; its main purpose is to help people understand properly what the involuntary processes of the body are during their recovery process. Electronic sensors are placed on the patient’s skin for the purpose of monitoring the brain activity of the individual by the therapist. Numerous psychological techniques are taught to the patient in order to overcome their drug addiction after reviewing the brain waves of the patient by checking their patterns.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

During this therapy, a person’s mental disorder which could be anything, it could be an anxiety disorder, it could be obsessive compulsive disorder or just about any mental disorder, this disorder is checked and treated with the drug addiction disorder. The goal of this therapy is to increase the self-esteem of the individual, offer skills when it comes to managing stress levels as well as to encourage the individual to keep on their recovery schedule so that they may remove any kind of triggers that can lead them to a relapse.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

This therapy is something that every drug rehab alabama center offers. CBT’s main goal is to help the drug addict in solving their thoughts that might hinder them during their recovery process. For example, if the patient feels like talking to a certain family member might want to make them do drugs, which in reality is not true, then CBT will help them overcome this thought, once it is overcome, the patient won’t have such thoughts and it would decrease the chances of them relapsing. Drug addiction can bring bi-polar disorder with it as well, and CBT is perfect to resolve a mental disorder like that along with drug addiction recovery process.

Holistic therapy.

Holistic therapy focusses on the individual’s entire holistic well-being. The patient gets to do yoga, art therapy, guided meditation, and acupuncture to promote a positive outlook on life and change their brain waves that are linked to drugs.

Group therapy.

This is the most beneficial one. In group therapy, patient can get in touch with other patients who are going through the recovery process just like them. They can communicate and learn from one another and find peace as well as motivation to do better so that one day they can come out of the drug rehab alabama center fully cured from their drug addiction.

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