Hiking boosts brain power

Hiking boosts brain power
You knew walking is good—it burns calories; it relaxes you out. But did you know that walking in nature does wonders to your mind too? We have science backing it now. Studies have suggested that hiking in nature improves brain function, makes you more creative and focused. Those who take regular walks in the wilderness are not only less prone to mental health issues but they are also better at problem-solving and creativity. Need any more reasons to take that trek?
Promotes creativity

The everyday noise, the hustle bustle and stress take away a lot from us. If you’ve been feeling mentally drained out, out of ideas and unable to focus on your work, blame it on the city life. Till now we thought that spending time in nature only relaxes you out. That’s not it. Science says that nature can actually make you more creative. A study published in PLOS-ONE cites Attention Restorative Theory which says that spending time in nature can actually restore those parts of the brain that have been exhausted due to overuse and engagement with technology. To demonstrate this, a group of people was made to hike for 4 days amidst nature. They were also asked to completely disconnect with all forms of technology. After 4 days, they were given problem-solving tasks that required focus and creativity. Needless to say, their skills had improved by 50 percent! Not only creativity, it also helps replenish brain cells and gives a boost to brain function. We wonder if trekkers and backpackers could really be the smartest people on the earth.

Takes away negative thoughts

A study published in the PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America) stated that there was a marked difference in the thought patterns of those who took a 90-minute walk in a natural environment as compared to those who walk in an urban setting. The former showed lower levels of worrying and rumination. Those long walks near your house or on the treadmill might help you lose weight but they are certainly not making your mind any fitter.


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