HT Analysis: Girls outperform boys in every major subject in CBSE Class 12


The subjects that are opted by students in the Central Board of Secondary Education Class 12 examinations varies in terms of gender, an analysis of data for the CBSE results from 2015 shows.

For instance, 55% of all the boys who appeared in the 2015 exam took mathematics as a subject, compared to just 36% girls. Biology was opted by 22% girls and 12% boys.

Other subjects with a prominent difference were home science and political science, which were opted by a higher number of girls as compared to boys. The reverse was true for physics and chemistry.

The following charts show the difference. The orange bars are the subjects opted by more boys than girls, while the purple ones show those in which uptake of girls was higher. The name of the subject and corresponding percentage difference in uptake is stated next to the bars.

Press the play button or manually move the slider to view data for different years, from 2004 to 2015.


Girls outperform boys

Girls have consistently performed better than boys in the CBSE exams over the last one decade. The average score of girls—best five—was four marks higher than that of boys. In 2004, females scored 62 on an average, and boys 58. In line with the CBSE marks inflation trend that has been observed over the years, the mean score for girls increased to 69 in 2015 while it was 64 for boys.

Not just average score, girls score more across subjects

In 2015, barring three language subjects — Urdu Core, French and German — the average of score of girls was higher in all others, our analysis shows. In psychology, while girls got an average score of 75, it was 65 for boys, a difference of 10 marks. In economics and sociology, the difference stood at eight marks.




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