Joker as the Game Saver in All Rummy Games

Just like there are wild cards in Uno, there are jokers in Indian Rummy card games. You need to use these cards wisely and they can help to save your game. Here we have shared the different ways in which jokers can act as game savers in all variations of rummy games

Different Types of Jokers in Rummy Card Games

Before you understand the different ways that a joker can be used to complete sequences and melds, you must understand the different types of jokers in rummy games. There are certain joker cards in each deck used for rummy games. These cards are used as jokers in all rummy variations. There are also blanks in each deck. Some people use the blanks also as jokers. 

Apart from the jokers and blanks already existing in the deck, there are also pulled-out jokers used in rummy. The player next to the dealer pulls a random card from the deck to play the role of a joker. If he pulls out a 5 of hearts then all the 5s are treated as pulled-out jokers.

Joker to Complete a Real Sequence

A joker can be used to complete a real or artificial sequence. If a card is missing in the sequence, the joker can be used to represent that card in sign and number. A real sequence is of great importance in completion of life in the 13 cards standard rummy variation. The joker can thus prove to be extremely useful in such situations.

Joker to Complete a Meld

A meld is an arrangement of cards of different signs but of same value. For example, 7 of spades, clubs and hearts together form a meld. You can always use jokers to cover up for the missing cards in melds. Jokers can be used to replace one or more missing cards in the melds.

Joker To Reduce Points in the Hand

Apart from completing melds and sequences, jokers play an important role in reducing the overall points in the hand. In any series rummy card game, points accumulated in each round can be of great significance. If you have jokers in your hand, you may use these to reduce the overall points in the hand.

Since jokers play so many different roles in rummy card games, they are of utmost importance in rummy games. You should be wise to use the jokers prudently. The number and types of jokers may vary slightly depending on the type of rummy card game you are playing. Master the rules first and then go ahead to make the best use of jokers to beat the opponents in rummy card games.

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