What Kind of Support Can One Expect From Beacon Resources?

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With an approach to staffing that goes beyond the resume, Beacon Resources seeks to understand the needs of both its clients, companies looking to fill positions in the finance and accounting fields, and job candidates. The agency strives to get to know each client and each candidate thoroughly so it can facilitate career matches that are mutually advantageous to both parties. Clients benefit by hiring a person who is uniquely suited for the job and who will be a valuable employee for the duration needed. Job candidates gain by finding a position that is ideal for his or her skill set, personality and salary needs.

Support for Clients

The clients of Beacon Resources are able to tap into the industry expertise that top financial headhunters provide. This includes the following services:

  • Rapid placement for interim, interim-for-hire and direct hire positions
  • Presentation of only top talent for permanent positions
  • Valuable reports on job trends and salary developments
  • Extensive local knowledge of marketplace
  • Information on candidate expectations for compensation and work environment
  • Guidance on retaining and attracting top talent

In addition, the staffing agency provides overall information on the climate of the hiring environment. It can alert the client to labor and talent shortages and escalating salary demands for specific positions.

Support for Candidates

A top staffing agency also provides support for job candidates in several areas. Specific positions, such as controller job postings and managerial opportunities, can be found through its online resources. Additional services include the following:

  • Career advice
  • Salary recommendations
  • Job postings
  • Interview tips
  • Resume services
  • Knowledge on the culture of its clients
  • Quick placement
  • Access to temporary and permanent positions
  • Long-term partnership

The agency’s goal is to match job candidates with his or her ideal job. There is no fee charged for job seekers.

Whether you need to fill positions in the finance and accounting field, or are looking to redefine your career, contact Beacon Resources today. Now is the time to begin a valuable relationship.

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