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The concept of any modern business implies a kind of visible presence: the site, advertising, logo and so on. If the company’s activity is not directly related to visual content, then the content of a full-time designer may not be entirely justified. The same applies to any single person who needs to get some object with graphics. In such cases, we are accustomed to contacting specialised agencies and freelancers, but there is a far more effective option.

There are such categories of thematic and universal web services that serve as a link between customers and performers. They are aggregators of the “labour force” and those in need of customer services. At such sites a lot of minutes – the randomness and lack of control by the owners of the resource. Everything is built on mutual trust and “reputation”.

The advantage over the “free” sites

Free sites provoke freedom of fulfilment of obligations. The interaction between the customer and the contractor is controlled by the resource itself, who acts as a guarantor and judge in the event of force majeure. The most important thing is that an illegal client will not throw the executor, because he will pay the amount for the payment of the order upon the start of work, and the executor will not dismiss the job, because he will receive money only after the project is completed and approved by the client. From the web design company, you will be able to have the best deals there.

The choice is everything

The most interesting begins at the stage when the client presents his brief to the performers. Agencies and individual freelancers usually offer no more than three options for implementing the task. Here the order is immediately visible to all potential performers, each of whom offers his solution.

  • In practice, this interaction format gives the client several dozen options, among which the customer chooses the one he likes the most and continues to work with the selected performer.
  • The principal difference is that here you choose not a person, but already a specific proposed solution. At the sites, first of all, they look at their reputation, not imagining what the skills and abilities of this performer are. Here you immediately see what a person is capable of and whether its implementation is worth your money.
  • For a more competent preparation of a technical task, you can contact the appropriate specialist, and if none of the ideas is liked, the client can return the money.

If one’s own experience in this area is not enough, then when drawing up a brief it is worth referring to the paid option “expert opinion”, and then a knowledgeable person in this field will help to choose the best of the proposed ideas.

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