Minecraft Education Edition explores New Zealand’s indigenous Māori culture

Minecraft Education Edition has shipped a new experience for students to learn about New Zealand’s indigenous Māori culture. Developed in New Zealand over a course of five weeks by Piki Studios, the new world, called Ngā Motu (The Islands), allows students to explore traditional aspects of the Māori culture, history, language, and more.

“This week is Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori, but if we want our indigenous language to remain a living, and thriving, part of our society it’s crucial that teaching and learning is carried throughout the year. That’s why Microsoft is investing in resources that inspire students to explore te ao Māori while having fun and challenging their imaginations – this is how we create a culture of lifelong learning,” said Anne Taylor, Education Lead for Microsoft New Zealand, in a press release.

The new world was created to resemble New Zealand’s ecosystem, including wildlife like moa and kiwi around the island. Students will be able to check out a traditional Māori settlement known as a pā and explore using Māori boats called waka hourua.

Teachers can take advantage of a dedicated lesson plan that teaches students about the Māori language, architecture, arts, and economics. In the lesson plan, teachers will have access to objectives, videoes, and a glossary to assist in teaching students about the Māori people.

Institutions with access to Minecraft Education Edition can check out the Ngā Motu world by downloading the pack from the Minecraft Education Edition website now.


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