Now reporting dengue, malaria cases mandatory

Private hospitals will have to give data of cases, deaths to government (Jubalou/Getty Images)
For the first time, the Gujarat government has declared dengue and malaria as notifiable diseases. Now both public and private hospitals will have to report any case of dengue or malaria, and related deaths registered by them.

The government said that the step taken on Wednesday was in accordance with the Union government’s advisory to eradicate vector-borne diseases.

“As of now, only public hospitals maintained the data of dengue and malaria cases and deaths due to them,” said health minister Nitin Patel.

“But with the state government declaring the vector-borne diseases as notifiable, even private hospitals will have to maintain the data on cases and of deaths due to the diseases,” he added.

The minister said that this decision will help the state administration conduct better surveillance and control of dengue and malaria, and help to eradicate the diseases from Gujarat.

“Every hospital will have to report dengue and malaria cases to the concerned district authority or to the city civic body . Failing to comply with the rule will attract legal action against the errant hospital,” said Patel.

Dr Manoj Vithlani, general physician, said the step was significant as it will now help the state administration to be aware about the true extent of the spread of the diseases. “This would also provide knowledge about the most effective medication, and which to which medication the disease parasites have developed resistance,” said the doctor.

Gujarat recorded 4,343 cases of dengue and eight deaths from the disease till November 15 last year. The state also had the eighth-highest number of dengue related deaths among states last year. In 2014, the state had the 10th highest number of dengue deaths in India.

Data from the Union health ministry shows the state had registered 30,301 cases of malaria and one death by November last year. In 2014, it registered 41,608 cases and 16 deaths from malaria.


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