Hindi Name: Jaiphal

Nutmeg is an egg shaped seed of a tree which is about 20-30mm long and weighs about 5-10gm. It is a source of different spices and helps to produce essential oils and nutmeg butter. It is also used for medicinal purpose and in the perfumery industries.

It produces a spice with a warm, sweet and aromatic flavor. It may be used in a ground or a grated form. It may be used in sweet and savory dishes. It should be stored in an airtight jar away from heat, moisture and direct sunlight.

Nutmeg is often used in cooking because of its great flavor and aroma. It is also used for decorating cakes, desserts or puddings.

Nutritional Value

Nutmeg aides in proper digestion of food. It acts as a good remedy for depression and anxiety. It helps to detox the liver and the kidney. It improves the mental functions and provides relief from joint or muscular pain.

Nutmeg also gives a glow to your skin and helps to remove blackheads. Try scrubbing nutmeg powder gently on your skin.

Nutmeg powder aids sleep as often parents add a pinch of powder in the milk to put children to a sound sleep.


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