Preparation Tips to Master CAT Quantitative Aptitude Section

The common admission test is probably the most competitive exams in the country. The IIMs conduct the CAT exam every year on a rotational basis. The IIM CAT is taken by over a quarter of a million MBA aspirants to take admissions in the IIMs or other top tier management institutes in the country.
The CAT exam includes three sections i.e. quantitative aptitude section, reading comprehension &verbal ability section and data interpretation & logical reasoning section. Amongst these sections, the quantitative aptitude is debatably the most difficult section due to the non-engineers being less acquainted with mathematical concepts and formulae.

So, the candidates need to prepare this section properly and efficiently to be able to score more in the exam. Some important tips are given here to help the CAT aspirants prepare the CAT quantitative section in a better way.

  • Get Acquainted with the Basics

The CAT exam includes questions that require the candidates to be very well acquainted with the school level mathematical concepts. So, start with the basic maths and know the important formulae of the chapters properly.

  • Keep Practicing

Knowing the concepts and formulae is not sufficient to be able to solve the questions in the exam. Proper practice is required to know the different questions and help retain the important formulae for a longer time. By proper practice, various shortcut problem-solving strategies come up which helps to solve the numerical questions faster and efficiently.

  • Practice Different Question Variations

It is suggested to practice several types of questions to understand the best approach to solve the respective questions. As the quantitative section of the CAT includes varying question types, practicing different types of questions help to tackle the questions more effectively.

  • Solve Previous Year Papers

It is very crucial to solve previous year CAT question papers to know the pattern and difficulty of the questions asked in the exam. Solving previous year papers also helps to strategize time management skills and know how to approach different types of questions.

  • Take Several CAT Mock Tests

It is very important to take CAT mock tests as it acquaints a candidate with the actual CAT exam with respect to question pattern and time. Mock tests also help to strategize the preparation plan as one gets to know their weak and strong topics.

With these aforementioned tips, the candidates can easily prepare the quantitative section effectively and tackle the related questions easily. Apart from these tips, the candidates are suggested to develop personal time management strategies according to their respective preparation to be able to manage time efficiently in the CAT exam.

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