How to prepare Biology for NEET

In every pre-medical examination, Biology, being the maximum marks carrying section, can assure guaranteed rank if candidates prepare this subject well. Most of the questions of NEET Biology are based on the basic concepts of NCERT. Both Botany and Zoology carries equal marks in the NEET Exam so aspirants should give equal attention to them while preparing for the exam.

The previous year’s NEET question paper analysis says that the difficulty level of the paper has increased due to the increase in competition. Therefore medical aspirants should have a good command over this subject to score well in NEET.

Important Biology Topics

Aspirants should be aware of the important topics of Biology before preparing for the NEET. Here is the list of all the important Biology topics along with the weightage of the chapters in NEET Exam.

Biology Important Topics and question weightage in NEET Exam
Systematics 7% Cell 5% Protista 1%
Monera 3% Genetics 6% Plant Morphology 3%
Animal Morphology 5% Photosynthesis 3% Reproduction in plant 5%
Animal reproduction and development 3% Plantae 4% Origin of the life 3%
Mineral Nutrients 3% Anatomy of Flowering Plants 3% Animal Tissues 3%
Environmental issues 3% Microbes in humans welfare 3% Plant Water Relations 2%
Porifera to echinodermata 3% Plant growth 2% Circulation 2%
Animal Nutrition 2% Chordata 2% Cell Division 2%
Cell Respiration 2% Ecology 2% Biodiversity 3%
Fungi 1% Sensory System 2% Applications of Biotechnology 2%
Biotechnology Principles 2% DNA – Molecular 6% Animal respiration 1%
Excretion 1% Movement 1% Human health and disease 1%

Preparation tips for Biology

Biology is the most important subject in NEET as 90 questions are asked from this subject out of the total 180 questions. Candidates should have a proper preparation plan to score well in the exam. Here are some NEET Biology Preparation tips to help aspirants excel in the examination.

  • Proper plan

Candidates must prepare a proper weekly schedule for all the chapters to complete all the topics well in time. A fixed number of topics should be prepared by the aspirants according to the prepared schedule.

  • NCERT Books

NCERT Biology books are one of the best ways to prepare for the subject. Candidates must go through the NEET Biology syllabus properly and prepare with NCERT Books which can clear their basic concepts.

  • Standard books

There are thousands of books in the market, but candidates should find the best NEET preparation books for them. They must refer to comprehensive and standard books which can help them boost their preparation.

  • Consistent study

Aspirants should study the Biology courses consistently to be able to score high marks in the biology section in NEET.

  • Practice MCQs

Candidates should solve and practice sufficient number of MCQs based on different Biology chapters according to the NEET syllabus from different books or test series. Candidates can practice MCQs for different competitive exams through crash courses like NEET crash course, JEE crash course, etc.

  • Prepare diagrams

Candidates must prepare diagrams thoroughly as a lot of question in NEET Biology are diagram based.

  • Practice question paper

Aspirants should practice an ample number of previous year’s question papers and sample NEET papers which can give them an idea about the question pattern and difficulty level of the question paper. By solving question paper, candidates will also increase their speed and accuracy.

As we can see Biology is an important section in NEET Exam, candidates must not take this section lightly. They can follow the above-mentioned points while preparing for the examination. Aspirants should also stay up-to-date with the NEET latest news to be aware of the official notifications like NEET application form, NEET registration, etc. that are out. For more tricks and strategies to crack this exam, subscribe to our YouTube Channel which has engaging videos on biology to prepare for NEET in a better way.

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