Rocketship Education Supporting Kids To Achieve Academic Success

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Teachers are one of the most important role models in our lives. They shape us, help us grow as humans, and give us the support needed to become well-rounded adults. Many of us can reflect on a teacher who changed our lives in some unique and important way. Whether it was to give us extra help with reading, boost our self-respect on the playground, or simply to be there for us at a crucial time in our lives.

Teachers have many attributes and the ability to wear lots of hats. Not only do they have to be experts at time management, but somehow teachers can be in ten different places at once. A day in the life of an educator includes promoting learning, connecting with each student, looking for lost lunches, and tying shoelaces. Even after the class goes home for the day, teachers work hard grading papers, coming up with lesson plans, and attending staff meetings.

Some of the best teachers are those who get their teaching certifications later in life due to a career change. Becoming an educator is something important to them, so they dedicate their time and energy to going back to college for a teaching degree. They see the value in supporting and shaping young minds so that they can be successful adults.

Rocketship Education is a public charter school who loves their teachers. With schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, Milwaukie, Nashville, and Washington D.C., the school supports kids who might otherwise be lost in the system. By focusing on low-income areas, Rocketship educators help kids achieve high levels of success. The public charter school incorporates a system using adaptive technology and intensive tutoring based on the needs of the student.

The teachers at Rocketship Education are given the support they need to motivate their students. The learning model incorporates classroom instruction, parental involvement, and community engagement. Rocketship Education believes that learning isn’t just something that happens in the classroom, but it’s a lifelong process that should be encouraged at every level. When children are supported in a holistic way they break through learning barriers that have previously held them back.

The school’s teaching model is so successful that they have been expanding quickly and now help 15,000 students achieve academic achievement, 85 percent of which are low income. The school is rated in the top ten of California elementary schools and continues to help students build a solid educational foundation in all their public charter schools.

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