Struggling with Monday blues? These apps will drive them away

Music and laughter can help you feel positive about the day.

As the curtains draw on the weekend, working professionals gear up for the new week. The most common feeling, however, is to extend the weekend. While the advent of technology demands working individuals to engage in professional duties constantly, it has proved to be a boon as well, as some apps can help you achieve work-life balance with a generous dose of humour. Laughter, after all, has been proven to offer a full-scale workout for muscles, decrease stress hormones and unleash a rush of endorphins which are the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Here are some of the best apps for you:

Talking Tom

Talking Tom is a kitten that one can feed, sing and communicate with, available on tablet and smartphones, and is popular among both kids and adults.

Instant Buttons

Instant Buttons is an original soundboard that offers funny and quirky sounds that one can use anytime. is an app to create lip-sync videos. You can shoot a 15-second video and choose one of the effects — be it slow-motion, time lapse or hyper speed. You can also use various filters and effects to enhance the videos, select a music track or add your own track. The final videos can be shared on social media.


Cheez is a 17-second video app created by Cheetah mobiles, where one can create, discover and share funny videos. It also has a wide range of interactive features and offers a huge selection of live filters, voice changers, stickers, and music. It contains game-like features such as ‘Dance Off’, which displays a scrolling set of dance moves that users must replicate. The app also uses image-sensing technology to grade users’ performances.


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