How Technology Has Improved Household Appliances

Household appliances have come a long way since the housewives of the 1950s first started shopping for them. Appliances now come in multiple colors and with features that may seem like they came straight out of The Jetsons. As technology moves forward, it brings many upgrades to small appliances that we use every day. Today’s household appliances are geared towards making everything as easy as possible for the family. With many households run by two working parents, total home automation is something many of them strive for to streamline the number of tasks they have to accomplish after a long day.

Coffee Makers

The average coffee maker is no longer a simple one pot contraption. Today’s coffee makers cater to any preference and family size. You can get a one cup maker, a pot or a maker that combines both. Your coffee maker can deliver expresso, regular drip coffee or even allow you to make fancy frozen drinks. Best of all, coffee makers are now totally programmable, allowing you to wake up to a steaming cup anytime you like. Some of them offer remote programming through a website or app, so you can set the coffeemaker or change the brew time anywhere you are.


Modern vacuums do much more than collect the dirt sitting on the surface of the floor. They leave the air inside the home cleaner thanks to modern filtration systems that work to trap and neutralize dust and germs. Understanding more about indoor air has lead popular vacuum companies like Dyson to incorporate advanced filtration systems that help to alleviate asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues. They can be great for people who have pets in the home and want to relieve allergies caused by pet hair left on the floor and other surfaces. One downfall to superior products like this is the hefty price tag they come with. Finding and using Dyson coupon codes online will help you get a great vacuum at a lower price.

Vacuum technology can now also be made into any form, even miniature ones. There are cordless models that take up less space for small homes with limited storage, and tabletop models to clean crumbs and debris off tables. Canister vacuums provide high powered cleaning for homes with multiple pets or kids. Central vacuums eliminate the need to tote a unit around from room to room, allowing you to simply plug the cord into the wall.

Washer and Dryer

Today’s laundry appliances incorporate many features that make doing the wash simpler and more efficient to reduce energy use and utility bill costs. They include things like:

  • Shorter wash cycles
  • High efficiency dryers
  • Special washes for delicates, whites and towels

These units can also make the process of laundry easier by solving issues many people experience, like forgetting clothes in the dryer and coming back to wrinkled clothing. Modern dryers will continue to tumble the load intermittently, so the clothes stay pressed and fresh. This removes the constant need for ironing, which is a time-consuming task most people dread.

New appliances make the entire process of keeping a home simpler for you, leaving you more time to spend with family or participating in hobbies.

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