The impact of the US Dollar on Gold

Gold is one of the oldest means of currency and has been used in trade for a very long time. Over the years, other currencies took over and but gold still correlates with modern currencies. When the gold standard was scrapped, the U.S dollar took on the role of being the de-factor benchmark for pricing gold and other precious metals. It pretty much is the de-facto mechanism for international trade so when you are trying to find what the price of the precious metal is from gold buyers Melbourne, you may find it expressed in U.S dollars. You would then have to convert that to Australian dollars. The performance of gold, its strengths, and its weaknesses have a significant impact on the price of gold. 


Gold vs. the U.S dollar


Gold is incredibly versatile and its price is sensitive to the value of currencies worldwide. During times of economic and geopolitical turmoil, the gold price goes up. It did so during the Chinese/ U.S trade tensions in July 2020. In August of that same year, it dropped to 20 months low despite the increase in geopolitical tensions between the nations. The most important contributor to this drop was the strengthening of the dollar during that same period. This was not the first time that gold fluctuated because of the performance of the U.S dollar and it won’t be the last. 


The value of the dollar might be important to the price of gold but it isn’t the only factor one has to consider. Even though gold in itself does not generate interest, it does however compete with assets that do. This means that it is affected by the rise and fall of interest rates. When interest rates go up, the gold price goes down. The demand for other interest-bearing assets will increase due to the high returns they enjoy because of the high-interest component.  


Why more Australians are selling their gold jewellery


Unstable economies and falling currencies are some of the reasons why people are turning to gold. Inflation is good for gold. For instance, when the economic crisis of 2008 hit, there was a general meltdown of the real estate market and as people began selling off their equities, there was a general quantum leap to gold which was seen as a safer commodity, the price of gold was more pronounced as it reached a record high of $1,900 per ounce. 


The same thing has been happening in the past 24 months. Gold dealers have been seeing a rising demand in the precious metal but at the same time people are finding it easier, convenient and quicker to raise cash by selling the gold jewellery they have. There hasn’t been a better time in the last 5 to 10 years for anyone to seriously take a look at the gold they no longer need. 


The U.S dollar might not the only factor that affects the gold price, history has shown that when inflation hits and the U.S dollar weakens the gold price rises. Gold sellers can sell their bullion and gold jewellery at better prices now that the US dollar has weakened enough to boost other foreign currencies, particularly of those that export more than they import gold like the Australian dollar. However reports are showing that even in countries like Australia people are still taking advantage of record high gold prices and selling unwanted gold jewellery to gold buyers Melbourne.


So, if you have gold in your jewellery box that you havent used or you have some family heirlooms that arent doing you much good by collecting dust, put all of that into good use by selling it. There are gold buyers Melbourne who will offer you the besät price for your gold even if it’s no longer in good condition. Cash in now whilst the gold market is still doing well. 

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