Use of Technology in Education

With the development of technology in recent years, the education sector has seen a drastic impact in the field of education. Education is one of the most important parts of the life of an individual, which helps in providing name and fame in the society. The recent technology involves studying through various technique, such as mobile phones, laptop, computer, etc, either through the use of internet or in an offline mode of learning. One can learn anything at any moment of time, whenever required, eliminating all the boundaries of learning through technology. Let us have a look at various features of using technology in learning-

(i) A personalized learning tool- Most of the technology provides learning for an individual. A personalized learning tool can help users to study at their own pace. Students can study at any time and from anywhere, according to their requirement, which cannot happen in case of learning in a classroom. Thus a personalized tool helps in better learning and understanding of the concepts.

(ii) Visual means of learning- The online mode of learning provides students along with the visuals. This helps students to provide a better understanding of the concepts within a short span of time. The online mode of learning takes less time and gives a better result than learning through textbooks. Topics like Percentage, Determinants, etc. can be easily understood in a short span of time, which usually takes a lot of time studying through textbooks.

(iii) Distance Learning- Gone are those days when one use to travel for education. With the use of the internet, it is now possible to learn the concepts from home. This has made distance learning by providing the replica of a classroom in their home.

(iv) Improves the Quality of Education- The online mode of learning provides users with the world-class content. One can study from anyplace around the world, without being physically present there.

(v) Fast and Better- Learning through technology can be very fast as it provides concepts in a visual format. Also, it gives an experience of 3D studies, which helps students to understand the concepts in an easy manner. Concepts like the Quadratic equation, Matrices, Surface areas and volumes etc. can be easily learned at a faster rate.

These were some various benefits of technology in learning through latest technology, which helps in engaged learning to the users. All these technologies help to provide conceptual understanding to everyone.

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