What Are the Challenges Facing the Rail Industry

What Are the Challenges Facing the Rail Industry

The pandemic has had an overwhelming impact on the rail industry, with supply shortages, expansion into new systems for passenger rail and supply chain experts predicting further growth for rail systems across the world.

Poor ETA Data

Accurate data for ETA (estimated time of arrival) is essential for transportation planning. Without it, there’s no way to know when delays will occur or if they can be mitigated. Poor ETA data also leads to customer dissatisfaction as passengers have difficulty understanding the timeline of their journey. This can lead to customers delaying payment or refusing to use a service altogether. The rail industry needs to invest in better ETA data sources and use of technology such as AI, machine learning and data analytics to improve the accuracy of their predictions.

Empty Railcar Tracking

Empty loads are a major issue for the rail industry. They take up valuable time and resources, but also cause inefficiencies in routing as well as lost revenue from missed pickups and deliveries. This problem can be solved by introducing trackers to railcars so they can be tracked in real-time, allowing operators to better plan their route and avoid delays.

Analytics Shortfalls for Cycle Time

Poor quality data management and analytics can lead to delays and revenue lost. To ensure a safe and reliable service, rail operators need to invest in better data management systems, analytics software and predictive algorithms which will help them accurately analyze their cycle time and identify potential problems before they occur.

Accounting for Exceptions in Data

Delays, dwell time, bad orders, holds and other unexpected events can cause significant issues for the rail industry. These exceptions need to be accounted for in order to accurately predict time and cost of a journey. The introduction of automated systems, such as AI-based incident management solutions, can help operators account for these unexpected occurrences more quickly and efficiently.

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