What decisions and actions should you consider before a Rehab Session?

Group Therapy vs. Individual Therapy

Drug addiction has been on the rise in recent years with the total number of addicts reaching about 21 million according to a recent survey in America alone. This number is a cause for concern and if no action is taken to counteract this our society will have to face a lot of problems. A large number of addicts not only increases the criminal activities and especially acts of robbery and domestic violence. These addicts are becoming a burden on our economy and the best way of resolving this problem is to increase awareness about addiction and make people more willing to attend rehab clinics. This can bring a huge change in the current situation since the number of people that attend rehab sessions after addiction is less than 10 percent of the addict population.

If you are among the people who are currently stuck in addiction and want to get out of this pit then several things can help your rehab experience.

The first important decision you need to make is regarding the kind of rehab you will go for. There are two different kinds of rehab programs available: Inpatient and Outpatient rehab. These programs have different positives and negatives and are suitable for different individuals. Inpatient Rehab for example refers to the programs where the patient stays at the facility where the program is being conducted and this can be beneficial to the people who are coerced by their surroundings to abuse substances as they are removed from this toxic environment. However, the patient has to stay away from their families and leave behind their dependents. They also might be forced to leave their jobs if they can not get a medical leave for the duration of the rehab program. The outpatient rehab program on the other hand is very convenient as you can attend the rehab session as you like without worrying about your family and job. However the treatment will not be perfectly suited for you especially since the doctors can not monitor you 24/7. This treatment is often cheaper than the Inpatient one since no cost for accommodation is needed. Another important thing to make a decision about is the detox treatment. It is an important part of the rehab program and most rehab programs have it included in its plan but there are some facilities that only provide detox services as they specialize in them. There is some nuance to this treatment so get more information from a local detox center, i.e. phoenix detox center.

After deciding your treatment type it is often best to make sure that you do not face any outside interference during your treatment so that you can focus on your treatment and ensure that you can recover and that no outside factor can cause you to have a relapse episode. Some things that can be done to remove the interference can be: getting a family or friend to take care of your dependables like parents, kids, or pets etc. Informing your employer about your rehab and getting your leave which is in some states guaranteed by the law. Resolving and legal matters that are pending with a lawyer and excusing yourself from any pending civic duties like being a part of the jury etc. All of these will help you maintain the composure and attitude required to rid yourself of your addiction.

If you are going for inpatient rehab it might be prudent to plan what you are going to be taking with you. Any items that remind of your addiction should be left behind.

Deciding how to tackle your rehab session and then following it is the best way of returning back to society as a clean and sober person.

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