Apple Watch Gets New Bands; iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus Get New Colour Cases

Apple Watch Gets New Bands; iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus Get New Colour Cases

In addition to a red colour variant of the iPhone 7, Apple is also giving some cosmetic upgrades to the Apple Watch, with a series of new bands across all types, be it sport, woven nylon, or classic buckle, available in a variety of colours. Plus, the Nike+ watch bands are also coming to the standard Apple Watch, should you wish to cover your arm in hollow polka dots.

Some of the new colour options will also be available as cases for your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Unfortunately, those don’t cover (excuse the pun) the fancy multi-coloured hues that you see above. Without further ado, here’s the complete list of what you can get, and how much you’ll need to shell out:

New Apple Watch bands:

Sport in Pebble, Azure, and Camellia – at Rs. 3,900
Woven Nylon in Berry, Tahoe Blue, Orange, Red, Pollen, and Midnight Blue – at Rs. 3,900
Classic Buckle with new buckle design in Sapphire, Berry, Black, Red, Taupe, Saddle Brown, and Midnight Blue – at Rs. 11,900
New Nike Sport bands – at Rs. 3,900:
Pure Platinum/ White
Anthracite/ Black
Volt/ Black
New iPhone 7/7 Plus cases:

Silicone in Azure, Camellia, and Pebble – at Rs. 2,900
Leather in Berry, Taupe, Sapphire, and Saddle Brown – at Rs. 2,900
To see all the colours for yourself, head to the Apple website for the new Apple Watch bands, or the new iPhone 7 cases.

In other Apple news from Tuesday, the company also introduced a refreshed iPad (the Air moniker has disappeared). While it has the latest processor inside, it borrows the rest of its design and hardware from the first iPad Air (circa 2013), which is why Apple could price it lower than normal, starting at Rs. 28,900.



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