Bad Posture Contributing to Osteoarthritis Among Youth

Bad Posture Contributing to Osteoarthritis Among YouthAs the number of youth suffering from osteorthritis continues to surge globally, health experts on Wednesday said that wrong postures for long durations was the biggest contributor to the disease.

According to them, the issue was important because scientifically no amount of exercise or therapy can undo the problems caused by hours of bad posture a day.

“Maintaining a right posture is a serious health business; so much so that a bad posture can ultimately result in serious morbidity. Right posture doesn’t simply mean sitting up straight. Posture refers to the alignment of your spine with all its adjoining structures,” said Yash Gulati, Senior Consultant, Orthopaedics, Apollo Hospital.

Gulati said improper posture disrupts the alignment of the spine which strains ligaments and muscles leading to chronic disabling back and neck pain.

“This, in turn disrupts alignment of other major bones and muscles, which can cause short-term pain or more long-term structural damage,” Said Gulati.

“Younger population is falling prey to bone and joint ailments because of wrong posture. No amount of exercise or therapy can undo 16 hours of bad posture a day. It is important to be mindful of bone health throughout your life,” added Gulati.

Indian medical statistics say, India may become the osteoarthritis capital of the world with over 60 million cases by 2025, with youth being 40 per cent of it.

Vinay Gupta, Head of Orthopaedics at Saroj Super Speciality Hospital, said : “A person with good posture maintains proper alignment through all sitting, standing and lying positions. Failing to correct bad posture has significant implications for the skeletal system.”

“Bad posture is the major contributor to osteoarthritis. It disrupts the load bearing balance of the joints, connective tissue wears down, exposing bone to bone. Osteoarthritis is very painful and cannot be reversed,” said Gupta.

Experts said that bone health is one of the many health concerns for women and men alike, and it is not restricted to the older generation.

They also emphasised that there is a need to educate people not only about the right posture but also ergonomic principles at home and place of work.


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