Best Places to Find a Date According to Data Science

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Are you looking for a date but have not been successful in several cities or locations? Well, you need to know that like real estate, is all about location, and the same applies to your romantic relationships too. You are more likely to find love in some cities than others. This is because some cities attract certain people and other factors prevail there such as there being more dating spots, lower cost of living, and others, all of which increase your chances of getting a date.

Recently, a study was conducted on the best dating locations and which offer you a higher probability of meeting serious partners. There emerged new insights on how to ensure that you are searching for love in all the appropriate locations. The study considered such factors as the population of singles in a specific area and the number of singles who had newly moved into the location in the previous year. The study also factored how many date spots there are for every 10,000 residents. Date spots include parks, restaurants, and other social places. Another key consideration was the median income for all who are 18 years and older.


If you are in search of a lover, Boston could be among the best bets. The city has a high population of singles at 66%, so you have higher chances of meeting a potential love. You will also have an easy time finding a spot to meet with your lover since the city boasts of 159 dating spots per 10,000 residents, which is a good number if you compare it with other competing locations. Boston also offers its residents better income, and at the same time, the cost of housing is relatively affordable, leaving you with some cash to give your date a treat. You are therefore in a better position to find a romantic partner in Boston thanks to all of those favourable factors. You could also increase your chances of meeting your significant other, even for gay people, by joining one of the dating sites such as Happymatches.

New Orleans

New Orleans is another city that offers a ton of promises for finding a date. Of the total population in this city, 59% are single. You have 51 dating places to choose from, making finding a dating activity easier. With the median income of unattached people at $17,000 and rent being quite affordable at $1,388, you can spare some cash to go out with your date and get to know each other better.


Serious about meeting a girl or man to love and reciprocate your love? You can consider Indianapolis where the population of a single person is relatively high at 56%. With dating sites per 10,000 residents standing at 30, you should not have trouble finding an incredible spot to have a nice time with your newly found love. You are also likely to have some cash left because their median income is $20,000 and rent is somewhat cheaper at $1,186.


Finding love requires careful consideration regarding where you live, go to have fun, and even mingle with other people, especially singles, for example at social places like churches. You need to move to cities that offer several factors that increase your chance of landing a lover. Besides the above cities, you may also consider others like Memphis, Richmond, and Louisville. Present yourself in the best way possible, be approachable and easy-going, and you will soon find a lover.

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