Cabbage Soup for Clear and Flawless Skin

Cabbage Soup for Clear and Flawless Skin

In their quest to look good, people usually focus almost exclusively on external strategies. Sure, technology is becoming more and more sophisticated and options are aplenty with an ever increasing array of anti-ageing products and treatments.

However, anti-ageing begins on a cellular level, not on the surface of your skin as many skin care companies would love for you to believe. Your skin’s luster, tone and vibrancy are intimately related to what you eat, as your skin cells are in constant turnover and regenerate every month. Why is cabbage good for your skin?

1. Cabbage is Numero Uno for your skin. It has excellent skin healing properties. Cabbage contains Indole-3-carbonile which is a powerful antioxidant. It is responsible for detoxifying your liver. This is beneficial for your skin as it removes toxins, which if accumulated in the blood, cause dull and blemished skin.

2. Both purple and green cabbage are rich in silicon and sulphur, the “Beauty Minerals”. Sulphur is particularly present in every cell as it is responsible for pulling in nutrition and removing waste from your cells. This is what is called Osmosis. For clear skin, you need to have good osmosis.

3. Cabbage is a great store of Vitamin K and C. The deep rich color of this vegetable is due to high concentration of anthocyanin polyphenols, possessing anti-inflammatory properties plus 6 to 8 times the Vitamin C content of an orange. The skin flourishes with this powerhouse vegetable.

4. Cabbage soup is a great way to cleanse the digestive tract, while providing an abundance of antioxidants, by shrinking ulcers related to digestion. A study published in the Western Journal of Medicine tested the efficacy of Cabbage soup / Juice in treating peptic ulcers. Your skin is simply a mirror of what’s happening inside your body, so the more antioxidants you have floating in your blood stream, the more protection you will have and the healthier you and your skin will be.

This slim-luscious soup is a nutrient bank that will keep you flawless and nourished this winter.

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