Child mental health services waiting times ‘not good enough’ in Grampian

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NHS Grampian’s chief executive has said it is not good enough that some waiting time targets for mental health services for children are not being met.

Improvements are said to have been made in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, but some children in Moray are waiting up to 29 weeks to be assessed.

The health board is redesigning mental health services for children.

Amanda Croft told BBC Scotland that ongoing new investment would make a difference.

A new facility is expected to open in Aberdeen later this year.

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The chief executive said of current local waiting times: “It’s absolutely not good enough, which is why we have invested £1m over the next five years.

“You may ask why haven’t we invested that sooner and why don’t we invest it in one go.

“We know we can get the workforce over the next five years so we are investing it realistically.

“When we open our new facility in June that allows our clinicians to work in one place and do one-stop shops. Previously children have had to go to three or four different places in the city.”

She added that improvement work in Moray was aimed at making “pathways” for helping children more efficient and better for the children.


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