Cycle away body fat, diabetes risk


Cycling is back in trend. Cycling for fun, cycling to work, to stay fit and healthy… many today are taking to cycling not only in foreign countries but also in India.

There was a time in the Northeast state of Manipur when most people cycle to commute to school or work. That was years ago. Almost every household had one or more cycles to use. Cars were not the in thing. And, there were pack of cycles in different colours parked at schools, market places and offices. Those were the days when the air was cleaner and life was simpler.

Today, we see a lot of lifestyle changes in urban and rural areas both. While roads are jammed with cars and big vehicles, cycling as a fitness measure or a more environment conscious move is slowly catching up among the people in urban areas, especially among the younger generation.

If this mobile means is used to commute to work, it can significantly reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes (T2D), researchers say. The study was carried out in Denmark. Their findings states that people who cycle daily were at 20 per cent lower risk of T2D than non-cyclists.

The findings also showed that cycling can reduce the risk of various chronic diseases. It states that those who started cycling early, both men and women, had a lower risk of T2D. The risk of having T2D eased with the time spent in cycling per week.

Cycling is considered by most as a recreational activity, and it’s fun. So, if you face the chances of developing T2D, don’t wait. Pick up a cycle on sale or rent and cycle around for fun or to work. It will help you save all the trouble and pain you may face in the future. There are many cycling clubs today. You can join one, and make your fitness cycling a truly fun-filled one.

Cycle to stay fit and healthy and feel good.

How often and how long should you cycle

The best way to stay fit is to take short rides.Cycle short distances, as long distance cycling may exhuast you.

While thrice a week may be fine, daily cycling is recommended to stay fit all the time.

The faster you cycle, the faster you will lose weight. The longer you cycle, the longer you may live.

Remember to drink plenty of water as cycling can make you sweat a lot and the body may suffer dehydration.




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