DH talkback: Readers love our new travel supplement

The front page of the new DH Travel Supplement.

The front page of the new DH Travel Supplement.

DH readers are excited about and are enjoying our new four-page Travel supplement that began this past Saturday. Here’s some of the feedback that we’ve received so far:

The new supplement, ‘Travel’, is mindblowing. I was totally excited about this new supplement! As a biker, I used to note down a few places reading the Spectrum supplement, now you guys have made it much more simple by providing the new dimensional supplement to readers! 😇 Thank You DeccanHerald! #cheerstogoodlife
– Likith Raj

In your Travel supplement, you have carried a picture of a beautiful, eco-friendly waterfalls, but not mentioned the name of the place. Do let me know the name of the place.
– Mukundan

This is a singularly good supplement that you have brought out! Thank you! Very nice articles, personal experiences, episodes, good pictures, what to do and what not to do. The articles are filled with a lot of useful information and quite a treasure trove for would-be travellers! Thank you once again. However, if some details can be given regarding the hotels, it would be appreciated. For instance, at Alila Fort, how many in a family are allowed, what is included, what is not, etc. It will be nice if some contact or mail id of the place is given. Same for ‘Ananda’ in Rishikesh.
– Jairam C R

Yesterday’s travel page has come out very well. You have compiled a lot of stuff. Hope to see a lot of photos.
– R S Acharya

Travel supplement was a pleasant surprise. It looks real hep. The articles are also very slick. Glad Deccan Herald is bringing out a special feature on travel every week. Kudos to Deccan Herald!
– Vathsala V P

Congratulations on the Travel supplement 🙂 It is lovely to see so many pages of travel inspiration by some of my favourite writers.
– Amrita Das

I have been delighted to notice that you have started a ‘Travel’ supplement on Saturdays. This is something surprisingly new with my experience as a regular subscriber to your daily for more than five decades.
– S.R.Devaprakash, Tumakuru

Thanks for composing such a worthy piece of edition for travellers in the city. Your newspaper is complete and caters to every sect of consumers. From now on, I will eagerly await the Travel supplement every Saturday. Kudos to the brilliant team for this effort and all the best for continuing to surprise us.
– Amrith Naniappa

It’s really thrilling… I never thought the new supplement in Deccan Herald would be about travel. It’s filled with enthusiastic travelogues. Thank you for such a wonderful thing.
– Rajani Deshpande

Ive always been an avid reader of Deccan Herald and especially look forward to the supplements. Sunday Herald and Living are my absolute favourites. Lo and Behold! Today, I open today’s issue to get a pleasant surprise. Being an avid traveller, I always look forward to reading travel blogs and articles. Great to know that DH has started a new supplement – TRAVEL. Looking forward to new articles and experiences related to travel!
– Manasa Brahmanya

I’m a published writer on travel and motorsports. I found your latest supplement dedicated entirely to travel to be very inspiring and attractive.
– Rahul Katarki

Congratulations on the new travel section. It’s a wonderful initiative & great information on travel that everybody loves. Keep it going.. Could you add a section on budget travel and nature walks? Also, a section for cultural fests (like the Coorg hockey festival or the boat racing fest in Kerala). Maybe a three-week heads-up will help to plan such short trips.
– Ajay Rao


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