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It is natural to get emotionally attached to the village or city you grew up in; the place always remains in our hearts. Then there is Bangalore – the city that embraces all, be it the migrants, the expats, the people from other states and the residents as well. It takes a new visitor barely a while to fall in love with this city of experiences. From walking through the green lung spaces of Lal Bagh and Cubbon Park to eating in some of the best South Indian eateries, from the amazing weather to the tree trails all over, you just can’t help wanting to explore more of this lovely city.

Ease of availability

Although walking down the streets of Bangalore is an option for short distances, driving self drive cars to commute around the city is more advisable. While the city is known for its excellent public transport system, waiting for the mode of transport is time-consuming. Booking a taxi or cab involves having to own a smartphone that has stable internet access at all times, a waiting time of 5-15 minutes with each booking, and the surge pricing. In a bustling city like Bangalore, time is of the essence in order to explore and enjoy the essence of every nook and cranny. Zoomcar provides you with the ideal self-drive car options to pick from, which is constantly at your disposal, unlike a taxi that plies from one destination to another.

No restriction of time

The vibrant city of Bangalore has meaningful experiences and explorations available for every new visitor or tourist. Drive through the culturally rich streets while making pit stops at your convenience to view the beautiful wall art that speaks highly of Bangalore’s heritage. This is impossible to do while in a cab or taxi since you are on the clock and cannot deviate from the set route. Drive your self-drive car rental Bangalore offers though Zoomcar, and follow your own schedule. Explore the narrow but colourful market streets or take a nice long drive down Vidhana Soudha and Brigade Road, where most public transport and private taxis aren’t allowed to ply.

Enjoy driving premium cars

With Zoomcar tourists and visitors can enjoy the bliss of driving a range of premium cars. Booking a taxi would mean having to sit in the standard list that includes Indica, Etios, Dzire and Indigo. While Bangalore does have its traffic woes from time to time, the joy of driving down the clean, well-maintained highways and roads is abundant. Taxi drivers tend to have their regular route they follow, which may include being stuck in traffic for long durations. Zoomcar’s self-drive rentals give you the option of choosing your own path that deviates from the traffic, which could also lead to exploring a new street!! Sounds like a fun, worthwhile deal!

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