Is it Necessary To Wear Glasses After Cataract Surgery

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Cataract surgery is a surgical procedure used to remove the clouded crystalline lens (also called natural lens) of the eye that might otherwise cause loss of vision. Age and hereditary genes are the most common factors causing cataract in most of the people, while there are other minor reasons like smoking, UV-B exposure, and diabetes that cause posterior sub-capsular opacity formation posing increased risk of nuclear and cortical cataract.

In a typical eye, a beam of light advances through the transparent lens to the retinal region. Once it approaches the retina, this light beam gets converted into nerve signals that are forwarded to the brain. The natural lens must be lucid for the retina to accept a sharp image else if the lens turns cloudy due to cataract, the image appears blurred. So, if the vision seems blurred, it might be an indication of cataract.

Cataract, by default, doesn’t need surgical treatment. Some people who have it may not even realize any changes in their vision. Few others with minor blurry vision can see perfectly through a pair of prescription glasses, magnifying lens, or under ample lighting. But as cataracts grow, the Cataract Symptoms will also develop and cause more problems in everyday life. It may either cause dim, blurred, yellow or double vision, which makes it difficult to work or read anything. Then there might be a real need for undergoing surgery and one can choose a suitable option from Affordable Surgery Packages available online.

After a complete eye examination under the supervision of expert doctors, suggestions on whether simple glasses will be enough, or surgery would be required are given. A couple of weeks before the actual date of surgery, a set of tests will be performed to assess the size and shape of the eye, and accordingly, a suitable lens will be implanted through the surgical process. During the entire process, the whole region of the eye will be numb because of the effects of anesthesia. The cataract is broken down gently and replaced by a lens implant, which is prepared using a plastic or acrylic material. Cataract Surgery Cost depends on the type of lens implanted and the risks related to surgery from an individual perspective.

Cataract surgery is generally very safe and side effects are very rare, but sometimes a few symptoms like the feeling of pressure inside the eyes, bleeding, swelling, or eye infection can be noticed, in which case the doctor can suggest eye drops for getting rid of post-surgical symptoms. Initially, an eye shield is provided to protect the treated eyes from external contamination or infection. Within eight weeks, vision will improve, but there will be a need for glasses or contact lenses for better visibility. If we choose an option of standard cataract with intraocular lens implantation, then there will be a need for eyewear when reading or when using the computer, depending on your daily activity. There also certain surgical options that eliminate the use of glasses after the cataract surgery. One such option is the combination of laser cataract surgery using premium implantable multifocal lenses which help people to manage most of their day without the use of glasses or lens.

Monovision cataract surgery and secondary refractive procedure also provide clarity in vision and eliminate the need of extra eye support even after the surgical process. Minor refractive errors are expected out of any surgery and it is not a bad idea to use glasses for the added clarity they offer.

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