Inexplicably, Apple’s new M1 iMac doesn’t include face logins

touchid for the imac

Apple’s latest M1 iMacs may include powerful new M1 Arm chips that some in the Windows world may covet. But the company has yet to acknowledge that people like logging in with their face. Where are the Windows Hello depth cameras for the Mac?

Apple’s new M1-powered iMacs debuted on Tuesday with biometric identification in the form of a Touch ID fingerprint reader. Touch ID readers have been built into some (but not all!) of the new Magic Keyboards accompanying the new colorful iMacs that Apple announced on Tuesday, and they don’t appear to be sold separately. You’ll need to pay at least $1,499 for the privilege of using your finger to log in, purchase something via Apple Pay, or switch between users.


That’s a cool idea—or it was, six years ago, when Microsoft first launched the concept of logging you in with your face via Windows Hello. Since then, Windows Hello has become nearly default on Windows laptops, either via a fingerprint reader or as a depth camera that can recognize your face. Microsoft has succeeded in going mostly password-free (thanks to Hello and phone-based authentication), while the iMac finally discovered this in 2021.

Apple added Touch ID to the Mac in 2016 with the launch of the 2016 MacBook Pro, and added Face ID to the iPhone X a year later. So isn’t it just a little weird that Apple still hasn’t added Face ID to a Mac, even now?


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