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Interesting DIY crafts using popsicle sticks

If your kid is crazy about the animation movie Frozen, this is one of the most interesting crafts you can make her do. All you need to do is to paint the sticks in your favourite colour and stick them together in the required shape.

Hexagon shelves


Create your own honeycomb shelves with these popsicle sticks. This is very easy to make and require minimum efforts. You can create your own design of a honeycomb or let a single shelf sit on one of the walls.

Colourful coasters


Imagine placing your coffee mug on a hand-crafted coaster that has your favourite hues. Yes, you can create them and they are pretty easy to do. You can either get the colourful sticks that are available in the market or paint them in your favourite colours to create a background. You can paint a scenery or your favourite quote on them and let them dry. Flaunt in front of your guests!

Earring holder

earring holder

Fed up of maintaining jewellery boxes that leave your earrings entangled with the neck-chains? Here’s help! You can design an earrings holder with popsicle sticks that looks chic too.


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