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When Is the Best Time to Order My Shade Sail Blinds?

If I order my conservatory shade sail at the right time, why does it matter?

To begin, I want to express my gratitude for stopping by and reading this post. At Shade Sail Blinds, we believe that providing as much information as possible about Shade Sail Blinds, its features, benefits, and how we differ from the competition is quite vital.

For almost 8 years, Shade Sail Blinds has been at the forefront of Modern Shading, constructing shade sails for the UK National Archives and managing overheating difficulties for Pizza Express in their London restaurant conservatory additions. As a result, we’ve been working hard to improve our knowledge of materials as well as our design and production skills. We’ve even gotten our No-Drill fixes patented, and we’ve worked hard to keep improving the quality of our products and services ever since. There will be new and improved No-Drill Fixings available in February. Keep an eye out for these!

And because last year was our busiest and finest year ever, we learned a lot about our customers’ ordering patterns and how to help keep delivery expectations in check. Because of this, we decided to provide some advice and pointers on how to make sure orders are delivered on time and what situations to avoid in order to enhance the delivery of your shade sails.

Information that’s Both Important and Useful

Shade Sail Blinds has always been environmentally conscious and green in the way we do business. Carbon footprint reduction and plastic pollution reduction are two of our company’s top priorities.

For this reason, all of our stretch shade sail blind fabrics are made from recycled plastic bottles, and customers have the option of choosing recycled PVC for their outside canopies and shade sails when it is practical. Even in delivery, we’ve switched to cardboard boxes and recycled packing paper in place of plastic bags. Even though being recycled doesn’t affect our quality, it does raise our prices compared to other options. In any case, we think it’s critical that we all do our part to make the world a better place. We achieve all of this while keeping our prices competitive with similar products and services from our competitors.

The fact that we use recycled materials means that our fabric orders may take longer than expected, since our textiles must often be custom-made for each of our customers’ orders.

So, When Should You Place Your Order?

Most of us only want something when there is a problem that has to be solved. Shade sails, Sail Canopies, and Shade sail Blinds are all the same. While we may wish to use our conservatories more frequently in the summer when the sun is shining at an angle via a glazed roof or roof light, it is also when we begin to burn in the garden or playground. During these times, we’re swamped with phone calls and emails from people wanting information. The issue is that everyone wants their products right away and doesn’t realise that they must be custom-made for each customer based on their measurements and preferences. Consequently, making last-minute purchases during the summer is not recommended.

We find it difficult to meet our 3-4 week delivery timelines even if we increase our design and fabrication capacity from May to August. In addition, since most of us take vacation during the summer, our vendors may be less responsive than usual. While we make every effort to ship orders as promptly as possible throughout the summer, the optimum time to place orders is at least a month or two before the season begins. And, believe it or not, even in August, when most of us are on vacation and placing orders is lower. February and November/December have lower average order placements, thus they’re next-best.

Furthermore, we require the customer’s assistance where feasible to help us expedite delivery even further.

How can customers assist with the order process?

There are four unique steps to placing an order with us:

Inquiry from the customer, followed by a quote estimate, is step one.

Step 2: Gathering data and developing an initial design concept are the next steps.

Step 3: Confirmation of the design and colour scheme, followed by the placement of an order

4th and final step: creation, followed by delivery to the client.

The four phases listed above normally take 3-4 weeks to complete, and this is the timetable we aim to meet. However, we can’t fulfil our delivery goals without the aid of our customers.


Since most customers do their own measuring and estimates are given based on the customer’s initial basic measurements, taking initial measurements before obtaining a quotation becomes incredibly helpful for the consumer. For further information, see our Measuring Guide by clicking on the link below. Having this information on hand will allow us to offer you with an accurate and timely price estimate.

Options for Style and Colour

Our customer care team tries to grasp what type of design, colours, and coverage you are interested in while discussing your needs with them. This aids in the formulation of a more accurate cost estimate, as well as aiding in the acceleration of the design process. This should be made easier with the help of our online gallery and colour chart, which are interconnected.

You may often speed up the ordering process by looking at the colours online beforehand and requesting samples as early as possible if you wish to receive fabric colour samples to assist you determine which colours would best fit your home. Please keep in mind that there is no additional charge for colour!

Ordering and verifying the design

When working with a client, our goal is to give them with a personalised design that is tailored to their stringent requirements and overall shading needs. It usually takes us three working days to complete this. Even yet, we don’t always get it right on the first go, which is why we keep working on your design until it suits your specific preferences and needs. Your designs will be returned to you as a 3D model through email. The more specific your requirements are, the quicker we can make changes to the design. We ask for half of your order to be paid when you are satisfied with your design and ready to go on to the order stage. We then schedule your shade sails with our fabrication and make orders for your fabrics, some of which may have to be made especially for you and your order.

To ensure our clients are well informed and assist speed up deliveries, we believe that understanding our processes and conditions that may affect delivery times is essential.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading this blog and look forward to working with you to create your own custom shade sails and shade sail blinds in the future.

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