Ways of Preventing and Treating Precipitated Withdrawal

Precipitated Withdrawal | Harmony Recovery NC Addiction Treatment

Treatment of Addiction and withdrawal go hand in hand throughout the cycle. One cannot deny the withdrawal symptoms, once one decided to quit the use of the particular drug or alcohol. Sometimes the whole process remains smooth for many individuals but it can be opposite for the others.

In the case of opiates detox, a suboxone drug is used to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms. When the drug is added into the treatment protocols, the precipitated withdrawal begins.

Precipitated withdrawal

When you stop using the drug after being addicted to it, you may experience sudden and severe withdrawal symptoms, such condition is commonly referred to as precipitated withdrawal. When the withdrawal starts, suboxone is introduced to the patients to relieve some of their symptoms. But this is not advisable in most cases as suboxone can create reliance on drugs, so you might remain in the addiction phase for a long time. Instead of using such drugs, high-end recovery centers mostly recommend such methods that are proved to be long-lasting and leading you on the way to lifetime sobriety.

If you are dependent on opioids then you may witness a withdrawal of a few days to some weeks. But the manifestations of the withdrawal may aggravate swiftly with intense agony in case of precipitated withdrawal, which may lead you to backslide.

Drugs triggers precipitated withdrawal

Precipitated withdrawal can be initiated by many drugs that are used to bind with opioid receptors like buprenorphine that is present in suboxone. Timing of taking medicine is very important, if suboxone is taken after the beginning of withdrawal then it’s safe but can lead to precipitated withdrawal if consumed earlier.

Following are the drugs that commonly trigger precipitated withdrawals includes:

  • Methylnaltrexone
  • Naloxegol
  • Alvimopan
  • Nalbuphine
  • Naldemedine
  • Butorphanol
  • Naltrexone

Manifestations of precipitated withdrawal

If you stop using the drug cold turkey without any medical help then it may cause severe withdrawal symptoms. Precipitated withdrawal occurs instantly so cause severe symptoms like:

  • Distress
  • Apprehension
  • Dilated pupils
  • Muscular pain
  • Sleeping disorder
  • Abdominal issues
  • Cavernous
  • Flu
  • Goosebumps
  • Perspiration
  • Excess of tears
  • Gastrointestinal spasms
  • Motion sickness
  • Spewing

In addition to these symptoms, several out of them may aggravate and cause intense manifestations like:

  • Pyrexia
  • Extreme queasiness
  • Raised pulse rate
  • Intense perspiration
  • High-end diarrheal condition
  • Unbearable muscular pain
  • Dehydration

Prevention and Treatment of Precipitated Withdrawal

Once the precipitated withdrawal is started then it’s difficult to reverse it but you can prevent it from happening or reduce the intensity of the symptoms. The timeline and intensity can be determined by the following factors

  • Kind, potency, and duration of the drug you have taken
  • Quantity of the drug you have taken
  • Mode of action of the drug

In case you become the victim of the precipitated withdrawal then without wasting any time you should seek medical help so that you can get the proper treatment that addresses your symptoms in a better way. Proper guidelines and therapies as directed by medical experts may help you to get out of this situation swiftly and comfortably.

If you want to get off the drug from your body along with the prevention of the occurrence of precipitated withdrawal then you must be like an open book in front of your medical experts regarding all the medications you have used to date. Because if you don’t share the complete information then your doctor and pharmacist will not be able to design a treatment plan for you that will protect you from cravings and severe symptoms. By knowing the whole truth your doctor may advise inpatient or outpatient rehab for you depending upon your condition to help you recover soon and have a controlled lifestyle. For more info please Visit here.

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