Kuwait gets first integrated national center for defense against WMDs

Saab and its Kuwaiti partner have delivered the world’s first integrated national center for defense against weapons of mass destruction to Kuwait.

The chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear, or CBRN, center is now operational and covers the entire country with fixed and mobile sensors and units.

“This CBRN center in Kuwait strengthens our position as a supplier of advanced CBRN solutions,” Torsten Öhman, Saab’s acting head of Business area Support and Services, said in a company news release. “Our ability to take the prime contractor role for this ground-breaking CBRN solution is built on deep expertise and innovations in CBRN technology. It also derives from our detailed knowledge of C4I – Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence systems – as well as systems and platform integration.”

Saab said the company built the center through a partnership between Bader Sultan & Bros of Kuwait and the Kuwait National Guard. The center will also provide simulated defense training, which will support the national guard’s automatic warning and reporting system — another Saab product.

That system is a flexible method for the detection, identification, warning, monitoring and reporting of CBRN hazards and is part of the CBRN center’s operations.


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