What Is “Apirion” Technology? [Chris Rowe Pitch]

Chris Rowe’s new presentation titled “Will You Miss Out On ‘Apirion’” has been getting a lot of attention because he says that he has found two technologies that will create a $19 trillion opportunity.

In this article, I walk you through the presentation, highlighting the main talking points. After reading this, you should have a better understanding of what Chris Rowe is discussing here.

What is Apirion?

Chris Rowe says that “Apirion” is the biggest technology revolution since the invention of the internet.

What does Apirion mean?

Chris Rowe's ApirionChris Rowe says that it is derived from two Greek words:

“I call it Apirion, based on two Greek words that represent the technologies behind its creation:

Apeiron, meaning “Boundless” or “Infinite”.

And Iris, the Greek goddess of communication.

Let’s look at the communication part first, what you might know as IoT or the ‘Internet of Things’.”

The Apirion comprises two technologies, the first one being the Internet of Things (IoT).

Chris believes that IoT has taken off over the last few years because computing power has increased and machines are now more affordable.

The other technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Together, he claims that the two have started to revolutionize a few industries, including:

  • A Global Supply Chain Revolution: Chris cites a report that showed that AI-enabled supply chains are up to 60% more effective than those without AI because they reduce lost inventory and lower overall costs. With lower overhead costs, companies are better able to keep prices affordable.
  • “Superintelligent” Healthcare And Diagnosis: He says that a combination of AI and IoT will save thousands of lives and save the healthcare industry more than $300 billion a year. The benefits include surgical robotics, early detection of diseases, lower death rates, fewer follow-up visits, and lower wait times. Chris says that Apirion’s technology will disrupt the healthcare industry.
  • “Smart Cities” Could Save Americans $300 Billion Per Year. Chris talks about a USA Today report that revealed that the wasted fuel and lost productivity from traffic congestion costs motorists around $300 billion annually on average in the U.S. He says that cities are making a dent in that figure by using the technology behind Apirion to make the flow of traffic more efficient. He says that they are using Smart cameras, IoT sensors, and other devices to collect data and then AI is being used to assess traffic volume and automatically control traffic lights for better flow.
  • Accelerating The EV/Autonomous Vehicle Revolution. Chris Rowe points out that Apirion” technology is allowing Tesla to fix their autonomous driving software “over the air” because the cars have a continuous connection to the internet, making each vehicle a part of the Internet of Things. He says that this, combined with AI, allows the cars to gather and analyze data about their surroundings and all this data is being shared between the interconnected cars thus improving the entire fleet’s automation. Therefore, Apirion is allowing autonomous cars to “evolve” faster while becoming safer and more efficient. He adds that Apirion could be the death blow to the 600 billion dollar auto insurance industry.
  • Faster Adoption Of 5G. Here is how Apirion affects 5G: The IoT collects and sends data and AI analyzes all that data. The amount of data to process constantly is only going to get bigger and existing networks will struggle to keep up. That’s why 5G’s unprecedented speed is crucial.
  • How to invest in Apirion

    One of the companies Chris Rowe is recommending is Qualcomm (QCOM). As AI and IoT grow, Chris says that the company will continue to do well (it has gone up 60.17% in the last 12 months).

    He insists that while investing in Qualcomm is going to earn you money, you should focus on smaller, under-the-radar companies that are quietly disrupting the growing market and have the momentum and the margins to skyrocket in value.

    He has identified three companies:

    • An Apirion-Powered Robotics Company Part Of The Digital Healthcare Boom
    • The second one is leading the charge on the internet of Things solutions, targeting markets like EVs, robotics, and smart factories. It is also a pioneer of nanotechnology.
    • The third one is what Chris calls “The ‘Missing Link’ Between AI and The Internet of Things.” It is a wireless chip maker that will advance the 5G rollout.


Chris Rowe says that investing in Apirion could prove lucrative.

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