Preparation Tips to improve chances of success in TS EAMCET

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What is TS EAMCET? How to score in TS EAMCET? What is the exam pattern? What to study? How to study? How hard can it be to score well in TS EAMCET? These are some of the most frequent doubts that baffle the aspirants, who aspire to get admission in Telangana Engineering Institutes.

TS EAMCET is a state-level entrance examination held for the admission in engineering and medical & agriculture institutes of Telangana. Jawaharlal Nehru Technical University (JNTU) conducts the exam on behalf of TSCHE (Telangana State Council of Higher Education) each year. Students often find themselves with a lot of doubts regarding the exam and no answer.

JNTU has been conducting this exam for about 10 years and it is taken by a large number of aspirants in Telangana. Currently, over 300 institutes are participating in the admission process through TS EAMCET.

Nearly2,00,000 students compete for 300 institutes under TS EAMCET each year. Amongst these 2,00,000, only 20,000 students get selected. So, the question is how can you be the one to get your desired stream in the best college of Telangana.

TS EAMCET is not that difficult to crack, but sometimes they raise the difficulty level to put aspirants through a tough time. It is conducted in offline mode (pen and paper mode) and has 160 questions in total, in both the paper, i.e. engineering & agriculture.

3 sections are there in the examination namely Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology and 3 hours are allotted to complete the test. As questions are in the form of MCQ, fours options are there, from which you have to select the correct one.

The most confusing question that pops up in the mind of the candidates is how to study for TS EAMCET, as there are so many recommended books. Let’s refer some tips from past year toppers. They believed once you get familiar with the Exam Pattern, you do not need much preparation and also, the basics of every section need to be very strong to crack the exam.

Let’s begin analyzing each section to prepare TS EAMCET!!

How to prepare for Physics?

Physics section is usually considered to be the toughest one. Questions in this section are not lengthy but tricky, so many times it is referred as time-consuming. But if your basics in this subject are clear, it won’t be difficult for you to score in this section.

Practice past year questions and devote at least an hour or two each day to prepare for this section. Solve sample papers, and try to speed up.

To brush up your basics, go through N.C.E.R.T Physics book, and solve questions from Pradeeps. Solve as many numerical as you can, and always concentrate on the basis of each question.

The difficulty level of this section is between low and medium, so if you work hard, you could easily solve at least 30 questions out of 40. But if you are not interested in this subject and even after practicing, you don’t get command over it. In that case, it is advised that you just study the basics and concentrate on other two sections.

How to prepare for Chemistry?

Chemistry is considered to be the easiest out of all the three sections, as the difficulty level of this section in the past year papers has always been low. To secure marks and save time in the exam, start with Chemistry, as it won’t take much time to answer all the questions. Most of the questions are theory based, and there are few numerical also, which you would able to be solved if you have practiced.

To prepare for Chemistry, go through the N.C.E.R.T. textbook thoroughly and remember all the reactions, formulas and important points. Complete minimum 2 chapters in a day, and solve numerically from the Telugu Academy EAMCET Materials. You can refer to IPE textbook for chemistry and Narayana/ Sri Chaitanya materials.

Also, go through the past year question papers and solve problems from them. Always keep a track of time. Don’t give much time to one question, in the examination hall. If you don’t know the answer, then move on to the next question. Other two sections are lengthy, so finishing Chemistry in time is very important.

How to prepare for Mathematics?

Mathematics has a maximum number of questions, i.e. 80, so the importance of this section could be easily estimated. There are many candidates who are not that comfortable with Mathematics, as it is considered to be tough. But cracking Mathematics questions in the examination hall is not that difficult if you remember all the formulae, concepts and have practiced enough.

Devoting 2-3 hours daily to this subject could help you score really good in the exam. The difficulty level of this section is between low and medium. So, the trick to crack Mathematics section is to master your basics, remember all the formulae, and practice as many questions as you can.

There are 38 chapters in Mathematics, so you should cover at least two chapters in a day and solve as many questions as you can from past year question papers and N.C.E.R.T. textbook and take Mock Tests. For short-term preparation study from J.P Series Books and for long-term preparation buy the Chaitanya & Narayana Jr. College EAMCET materials.

The main key to clear the Mathematics section is speed, and for that, you have to practice as many questions as you can. Focus on your strong topics and master them, and practice questions from your weak topics, so that at least you will be able to attempt.

How to prepare for Biology?

Biology is a scoring section for aspirants giving exam for Medical & Agriculture Streams. It is a theory based subject, so all you have to do is memorize. For some students, it may be difficult to remember so many names, terms, and theories. Don’t panic. Here’s what you can do. As it is very important to be familiar with each and every term in the syllabus, it is compulsory to remember it. Try remembering things in an interesting way, make stories, remember the first letters and create some catchy word from those letters.

Give at least 3-4 hours to this subject. Cover two-three chapters in a day, and go through past year questions. Solve mock tests and revise what you studied every day. The difficulty level of this section is between low and medium, so you can easily score well in this section.

The strategy is to remember each and every term, and not waste time on one question if you don’t know the answer.

Tips for Ace TS EAMCET

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you in your journey to crack TS EAMCET:

  • Know your strength and weaknesses: Preparing for TS EAMCET will be easier if you are aware of what parts of the syllabus of every subject are your strengths and what falls under your weaknesses. Candidates are advised to work on strengthening their weak points alongside mastering the strong ones.
  • Time Management: Managing your time during the exam is of utmost importance. While attempting the questions, candidates need not spend excess time on one question. Give one minute to each question, if you know the answer, attempt, otherwise, move on to next question. First, solve the parts that you excel in and later attempt the ones that do not fall under your area of expertise.
  • Make Educated Guess: After solving all the questions you are sure about, if you are still left with time, make an educated guess. Yes, it’s risky, but mostly it works. Eliminate the options that are incorrect and if you are left with two, make a guess. But if you are totally unaware of the question then leave it.
  • Have your own strategy: Preparation without a strategy is pointless. Have a proper plan and develop a strategy to reach your goal. Strategize your preparation techniques according to your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Brush up your basics: If your basics are strong, then you will be able to crack the exam with required efforts. Learn the formulas and important points in all three subjects, and memorize them. Many questions in the question paper just check your basics, so that will be really helpful to increase your score.
  • Practice makes a Man Perfect: It is a well-known fact that nothing is hard to achieve with practice. It doesn’t only improve the accuracy but also enhances the speed, which is very important. You need to put in a lot of hard work and effort in practicing every question possible of every section. If you regularly practice for 8 hours a day, you will definitely make it.
  • Proper Health: Last but not the least is health. Alongside concentrating on mental accuracy, one also needs to take care of their physical health. Proper physical health will lead to a proper concentration which will help you to put in extra efforts in your preparation.

The level of difficulty of TS EAMCET depends on the practice done by the aspirant. It is very easy to crack if you move according to a strategy and practice well using the preparation tips mentioned.

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