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breakfast choice

Are you skipping your breakfast for any reason? Be cautious! It is the most important meal of the day. If you are avoiding breakfast for reasons such as to lose weight or a busy lifestyle, you are mistaken. You have to be watchful with some knowledge of health and food and have a wholesome breakfast.

Your breakfast should fulfil two basic requirements. First, it should be packed with fibre-rich food, lean proteins and healthy fats that can help you stop that famished feeling, providing a high level of satiety. Second, it should provide your body with every nutrient and good amount of antioxidants which combat free radicals. Here are few healthy breakfast options.

A bowl of mung sprouts with colourful vegetables and fruits: It is a very filling breakfast with rich source of nutrients. It is one of the best breakfast item for those looking for health, weight control, a fit body and gorgeous skin.

A small plate of steaming poha: Poha is an easily digestible nutrient rich breakfast that provides enough energy to start a day. The assortment of vegetables makes a complete meal that is low on gluten. People who are diabetic or on weight loss diet can consume it without a guilt.

A bowl of freshly cooked vegetable oats: A wholegrain breakfast with fibre content and nutritional value, enhances the immune system eliminating bacteria and reduces the risk of various hazardous diseases. It is a complete food that does not add extra fat to the body. Rather, it reduces the weight by absorbing water and providing a feeling of fullness for a longer time keeping hunger at bay.

A bowl of museli marinated by soaking in soya milk overnight: It is a fibre and protein rich breakfast with hundreds of combinations of grains, fresh fruits, dry fruits, seeds and nuts. It is a natural and delicious option with less sugar and high fibre content making you stay full for long. It also helps in reducing weight with amazing health.

A scrumptious cauliflower and fenugreek stuffed multi-grain roti with a bowl of fresh fat free curd – This flavourful vegetable filling roti is a nutritious, fibrous and wholesome breakfast to kick start the day in a healthy way without worrying for extra calories. Curd will add flavour, taste and health to it.

Two large fresh boiled eggs: Eggs refuel the body after a long night gap. Loaded with nutrients that our body needs, they help control hunger and reduce weight. Rich antioxidants and high quality protein with all essential amino-acids in right amount make it one of the perfect breakfasts.

Paneer veg whole wheat bread sandwich (of two slices): This healthy breakfast is a good source of protein and fibre that keeps hunger pangs at bay. It helps lose weight by burning more fat in the body and prevent deadly diseases. The whole grain bread packed with the goodness of nutrients and anti-oxidants combined with paneer and salad vegetables gets you going in a healthy and energetic way the whole day.

Breakfast is a component of healthy eating habits. Stick to this breakfast menu in rotation rather than consuming calories that make you crave and feel hungry after every two hours. You will gain health and keep your weight under control with a choice of appetising and nourishing breakfast.




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