Study Says Cheese Keeps Us Healthy

Things are pretty weird in the world right now, but when all else fails we can always count on cheese. It’s even more comforting now that scientists have given us some of the best news we’ve read all month: Cheese is actually a superfood.

We’ve always known this deep down in our souls, but the constant haters out there really made us doubt ourselves. We’ll never make that terrible mistake again, now that experts say cheese can actually make you live longer. Go ahead and read that sentence again.

A new study in Nature Science found that a compound called spermidine found in cheese may keep us healthy and cut way down on certain diseases based on studies done in mice. According to Uproxx, the study found spermidine made mice healthier, but more importantly it reduced the rate of high blood pressure and heart failure in a survey of hundreds of Italians with reportedly high cheese intake.

The Italians surveyed who reported a higher intake of spermidine-rich cheeses were found to have lower blood pressure, a 40% lower risk of heart failure and less risk of other heart diseases. Italians are known for their pizza so, hello, superfood. Just make sure you’re putting some Parmesan on top to get the most out of your snacks — spermidine is found most in aged cheeses.

Maybe you’re skeptical, but this isn’t even the first time scientists have told us that cheese is the secret to life. It’s been linked to protecting against heart disease, increasing your good cholesterol, and now to living longer. Honestly, what more could you want from food?

Uproxx also points out that spermidine is found in some vegetables and grains, so we’re thinking veggie pizza is pretty much a fountain of youth. Maybe Congress was on to something when they ruled that pizza is actually a vegetable?


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