The Ultimate Maternity Hospital Bag Checklist: What to Pack for the Big Day

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Preparing your maternity hospital bag is an exciting step toward welcoming your baby. By organizing it into sections, you’ll ensure that you don’t forget anything essential. Let’s start with the must-haves for the mom-to-be.

Essentials for the Mom-to-Be

Clothing and Comfort

When it comes to clothing, think comfort and practicality. You’ll want loose-fitting, front-opening tops, and comfy bottoms. Don’t forget warm socks and a cozy robe for those late-night walks in the maternity ward.

Personal Hygiene

Maintaining personal hygiene is crucial. Include items like a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and a gentle body wash. Hospitals provide some essentials, but having your preferred products can make you feel more at home.

Important Documents

Ensure you have your ID, health insurance information, and any hospital paperwork. It’s also wise to have a birth plan if you have one.

For the Baby

Baby Clothes

Pack several onesies, sleepers, and soft blankets for your newborn. Remember that hospitals can be chilly, so pack accordingly.

Diapering Supplies

Bring diapers, wipes, and a diaper bag. Hospitals usually provide these, but it’s always good to have extras on hand.

Feeding Necessities

If you’re breastfeeding, pack your nursing bra and nipple cream. For formula feeding, bring bottles, formula, and a bottle warmer.

For Dad and Support Person

Clothing and Toiletries

Dads and support persons need to pack too! Comfortable clothing, toiletries, and a change of clothes are essentials.

Entertainment and Snacks

Labor can be long, so consider bringing books, magazines, or electronic devices for entertainment. Snacks like energy bars and nuts can keep you fueled.

Miscellaneous Essentials

Electronics and Chargers

Bring your phone, charger, and a power bank. You’ll want to capture those precious first moments with your baby and stay connected with loved ones.

Comfort Items

Think about what comforts you. This might include a favorite pillow, a soothing playlist, or a journal to document your journey.

What Not to Pack

Avoid over-packing. Hospitals have limited space, so leave non-essentials like bulky pillows and excessive clothing at home.


Packing your maternity hospital bag is an important part of preparing for the birth of your child. By following this checklist, you’ll ensure that you have everything you need for a comfortable stay. Now, focus on staying relaxed and enjoying this special time.


  1. When should I pack my maternity hospital bag?
    • It’s a good idea to have it ready by your 36th week, just in case.
  2. What should I pack for a C-section birth?
    • In addition to the essentials, consider high-waisted underwear and loose pants that won’t irritate the incision area.
  3. Can I bring my own pillow from home?
    • Yes, but keep it compact, and consider a non-white pillowcase to differentiate it from hospital pillows.
  4. Are hospitals providing COVID-19 precautions?
    • Yes, most hospitals have safety protocols in place to protect you and your baby.
  5. Should I bring gifts for the hospital staff?
    • While it’s not required, a small token of appreciation like chocolates or a thank-you card can be a nice gesture.

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