“Today’s big wins are tomorrow’s failures”

Managing work-life balance
I love what I do. So I don’t typically consider it ‘work’ as much as a learning experience. My family and kids are my stress busters. I believe the health of your personal life is directly proportional to the productivity of your professional life.

Being a fit man
I love cycling and adventure sports, and try my best to maintain a healthy diet. I’m also a gadget freak and love to experiment with wearable technology.

Energy high and happiness

We have built a successful global mobile tech company. And we achieved this with some of the best talent. It’s always nice to know that you were partly responsible for building something that the world recognises. After all, Silicon Valley is not a place but a mindset.

Risk-taker/ micro-planner
I’m a risk taker. The industry I am in is radical and keeps shifting. Today’s big wins are tomorrow’s failures. Some bets may not work out, but there is no fun in playing it safe.

Spiritual diet
Running keeps me calm and gives me the space to think.

Handling failure/success
Unpeel any success story and you will find some failures. Failures are important. If we’re not failing enough, we’re not taking any risks. You can’t get comfortable in the technology industry.

Crisis management
I admire (Mahendra Singh) Dhoni a lot. He’s always calm, barely shows his emotions and thinks one step ahead. You need a certain level of zen to keep your head that calm, anticipate 10 steps ahead, and plan accordingly. Every crisis is an opportunity in that regard; to think deeper and push harder. And nobody else symbolises this better than Dhoni.


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