The top 5 destinations across America that sports lovers must not miss out on

The USA has always been a haven for sports fans and sportsmen. Aside from the numerous competitions, events and games that go on all year round in the thousands of stadiums, fields, race courses, tracks, and grounds across the 50 states, there are several locations associated with sports that offer marvelous travel experiences for the travel and tourism enthusiasts. Sports tourism allows the thousands of travelers from around the world to see and participate in several sporting events in the USA.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California is the winner of the leading sports tourism destination 2017. Sports tourism has come a long way since the FIFA World Cup rushes and Grand Prix races that brought millions of fans together only once or twice a year. LA takes sports very seriously, and there are over ten internationally acclaimed sports teams that call LA their home. When in LA don’t miss a game at the Dodger Stadium. You may want to book your season tickets early since the league games see quite a bit of rush. You can also try the Stadium Tours and a visit to the Dodgers top of the Park Gift Shop to add the cherry to the icing.

Churchill Downs, Kentucky

Who can call their sports travel itinerary complete without a visit to the Churchill Downs for the most glorious event that finds a place in the history of America? 2018 is going to see the 35th Breeders’ Cup at the CD racetrack. As the officials have finally announced the dates for the Triple Crown runs, people are already calling in to pre-book their tickets, hotel suites and transport. Horse betting is a common part of the Derby races, and it adds a bit of extra thrill to the sportsmanship.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois closely follows Los Angeles in the list of top tourist sports destinations. Home to the mighty Chicago Bears and the Chicago Cubs, this city has over eight major league sports teams. If you cannot deny your love for football or baseball, even when you are traveling across the 50 states, you should give the Windy City stadiums a visit during the season games. Thanks to the variety of sports and the number of minor teams present in the city, enjoying a good game on a sunny day is always possible in Chicago.

Las Vegas, Nevada

After quite a long while Las Vegas is back on track with major league sports and year-round sporting events in the lush stadiums. The crowd is amazing, filled with energy and enthusiasm to meet other fellow sports lovers. Las Vegas is the best place to be during any vacation! Parties, great people, good food, amazing experiences and gazillions of surprises await the travelers stopping at Las Vegas for a few crazy good days. Hockey fans will get more than their fair share of fix and nature lovers can have their fill too. Vegas has goodies for everyone!

Sports travel and tourism might be new, but the centuries’ old love for sports around the country has created several prominent locations across the USA. Sports lovers can have fun engaging in sports training, participating in competitions and meeting with their sporting superstars while on vacation.

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